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Varicosen, a reducer of varicose veins and the “heavy legs” effect in capsules

Varicose veins are an extremely annoying and unsightly affliction, affecting mainly women. It is also a serious health problem as untreated varicose veins can lead to venous insufficiency, deep vein inflammation and even fatal blockages. There is a product that significantly improves circulation in the lower limbs, eliminates the feeling of “heavy legs” and reduces varicose and spider veins. It is called Varicosen.

How do varicose veins develop?

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Caused by circulatory insufficiency, varicose veins are dilated and enlarged superficial veins, usually found on the lower limbs, although they can also appear in the anus or esophagus. The pressure of the blood restricted in the free flow of the veins increases, which results in stretching and hardening of the veins in areas of obstructed flow. Initially, the formation of varicose veins may proceed unnoticed, and the first worrying signals of circulatory disorders are the feeling of heavy legs, swelling around the ankles, cramps or pain in the calves, the constant need to move legs while sitting.

The first visible symptoms, in turn, are the appearance of so-called spider veins, i.e. cracked blood vessels around the ankles or feet, and increasingly pronounced veins. The causes of varicose veins are often genetic. They are also caused by circulatory system diseases, pregnancy, obesity and sedentary lifestyle, vein inflammations and injuries. It is estimated that the problem of venous insufficiency concerns half of adult Poles, and the risk of their appearance increases with age.

Varicose veins treatment methods

Similarly as in the case of other diseases, the following motto remains valid: prevention is better than cure. An active lifestyle, and above all, ensuring a free flow of blood to legs through appropriate exercises, a proper diet containing vitamins and antioxidants, and finally avoiding high heels, can protect us from a dangerous and unsightly ailment. However, if the worst has already happened and ugly changes have appeared on our legs, we need to act more decisively.

In an advanced stage many people give up using ointments or other preparations and decide to intervene with a vascular surgeon. The doctor can remove varicose veins through one of the following procedures:

  • obliteration, which involves injecting the veins several times with a special fluid
  • Laser surgery, which involves shrinking and closing the vein
  • Varicose vein removal using steam
  • Surgery that involves making skin incisions and removing the diseased veins

In each case we have to deal with a more or less, but nevertheless invasive and risky method. Meanwhile, an innovative product has just appeared on the market which makes it possible to get rid of varicose veins without any operations. It is a Varicosena specific product that restores proper circulation and remarkably supports elimination of already existing changes.

Varicosen varicose vein capsules

Varicosen – action

In order to improve poor blood circulation in veins, unfortunately, diet, physical activity and rehabilitation alone are not enough. Varicosen This is a preparation whose formula is of great importance for the radical unblocking of veins, strengthening of blood vessel walls and protection against potential damage in the future. A carefully selected composition of individual substances supports the functioning of the entire circulatory system, helps combat existing varicose veins and prevents their formation.

Systematic use of Varicosen minimizes the feeling of “heavy legs”, significantly improves circulation and mobility, helps eliminate swelling, supports the elimination of varicose veins and broken capillaries, contributes to nourishment of the cells of the circulatory system and strengthens vessel walls, which has a major impact on proper blood flow. All this can be achieved without risky and painful procedures.

Varicosen – the composition of the preparation

The innovative composition of individual ingredients has been developed in such a way that the substances contained in the preparation complement each other and support their effects.

These are:

  • L-Taurine – an organic chemical compound belonging to biogenic amino acids. It occurs in many organs and tissues, and plays a very important role in the functioning of the body. It helps lower blood pressure, strengthens heart function, increases vascular elasticity, reduces inflammation in vessels, and rebuilds the vein epithelium.
  • Arginine alphacetoglutarate, abbreviated as AAKG – a combination of arginine and glutaric acid salt. The role of this substance is primarily better absorption of arginine, important for the body, which not only expands blood vessels, but also reduces the viscosity of their walls. In this way it improves circulation, which has a significant impact on eliminating the risk of varicose veins and prevents cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks or atherosclerosis.

In addition to these two main ingredients, the formula of the preparation consists of other active substances that enhance its effects, namely:

  • L-Tyrosine – which stimulates the body to produce dopamine and adrenaline, which has a direct effect on the work of the cardiovascular system.
  • Creatine malate – influences reduction of cholesterol and blood pressure levels, has a positive effect on the condition of blood vessels.
  • Beetroot extract – improves and streamlines blood flow, which reduces blood pressure.

Varicosen – users’ opinions

Most opinions posted on the Internet are positive. Users emphasize the safety of the product and its effectiveness not only in fighting varicose veins but also in improving general condition and well-being. Many people use the product Varicosen Many people use it prophylactically, before lesions develop, which significantly increases its effectiveness.

Varicosen – where can you buy it?

Varicosen tablets for varicose veins

We are dealing with a new, highest quality product of proven effectiveness, therefore it is best to purchase it via the distributor’s websitein order to avoid possible counterfeits.

This method of purchase is all the more advantageous because in this way we can benefit from significant discountThe price of the product is very high which, considering the high price of the product, makes a big financial difference.

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