Vita Hair Man, capsules that inhibit balding and activate intensive hair restoration

Vita Hair Man is a multi-ingredient dietary supplement for men struggling with the problem of weak and thinning hair. The specificity fulfills several tasks in order to make us the owners of strong, thick hair without a shadow of thinning and dark circles. It inhibits the process of balding, comprehensively strengthens and revitalizes hair, while stimulating new hair growth, and what’s more, prevents graying. All this thanks to carefully selected active substances which effectively destroy the causes of hair problems.

Baldness – an increasingly common problem of modern men

the bald man

There is no denying that we are balding fast today, much faster than in decades past. Most men show the first signs of balding around the age of thirty. By the age of forty, many men already have well-defined hairline curves and quite severe thinning on top of their heads.

There is also a large percentage of younger and older men who, although they do not notice typical signs of balding, have other problems – their hair visibly loses its attractive appearance, becomes weak, thin, dull and thin… Seborrhea and dandruff are often troublesome. More and more men, not necessarily at an advanced age, also encounter graying hair.

Why are male hair problems so widespread today? Why does balding and greying start earlier and earlier? How to stop these adverse changes and restore a healthy, young look to the hair? In an attempt to answer these questions, it is worth focusing on the model of modern life.

Unfortunately, we usually do not lead a very healthy lifestyle, we do not avoid stimulants and our diet is poor in antioxidants, i.e. substances that inhibit cell ageing (including skin and hair) and help purify the body. Our menu is dominated by processed food providing only small amounts of nutrients, therefore we have nutritional deficiencies, which unfortunately reflect badly on our hair. Add stress (under the influence of which substances weakening hair are secreted in the body), physical and mental exhaustion, not enough sleep and we have a ready recipe for balding, graying or worsening of the hair condition.

Of course, depending on the individual case, these factors may occur in different intensity, but the fact remains that they are often the main “culprit” when it comes to hair problems. Another cause of baldness is weakening of hair follicles by dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a derivative of testosterone, which is naturally present in the body. In this case we deal with the so-called androgenetic al opecia (male pattern baldness).

To what extent our body will be sensitive to dihydrotestosterone and to what extent this hormone will weaken the hair follicles, we do not have much influence, it is determined by genes. On the other hand, by systematically supplementing the necessary ingredients, we can significantly strengthen and nourish hair follicles and hair roots, and thus slow down or even stop androgenic alopecia.

Vita Hair Man – a dietary supplement, which will “repair” your hair

Vita Hair Man

Vita Hair Man are multi-ingredient capsules, whose task is to equip hair structures with a number of substances needed for comprehensive restoration. Thanks to the special formula in the hair follicles, in the place of thin, frail hair with a shortened growth phase, healthy, strong hair begins to grow. VitaHairMan also strengthens hair bulbs themselves, which are now a powerful backbone for hair and do not let them fall out prematurely. Thanks to the supplement we can also count on hair thickening and covering thinning areas – the preparation stimulates cell multiplication and hair growth.

VitaHairMan dietary supplement is a simple and affordable way to fight baldness. Thanks to it you can once again become the owner of an unthinned hairstyle, and thus feel young again, regain confidence and a sense of masculinity.

Vita Hair Man composition

In order to permanently improve the condition of your hair and stop the balding process, you need a solid dose of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, of course taken regularly. Vita Hair Man offers an optimal set of ingredients. Its components care not only for hair, but also for scalp, where every hair has its beginning. The improvement of skin condition and blood supply to the scalp results in better functioning of hair follicles and hair bulbs, which along with blood receive a larger injection of oxygen and nutrients, which stimulates the growth of healthy, strong hair.

Vita Hair Man active ingredients are:

  • L-cysteine – an endogenous amino acid which is one of the components of the basic building material of hair, i.e. keratin. It contains a very important for hair health sulfur molecule. It mediates in supplying hair bulbs with nutrients. Thanks to it, hair is healthy, strong, properly moisturised, resistant to damage and less prone to falling out. Additionally, L-cysteine counteracts the processes of hair ageing, which allows us to enjoy nice, thick hair for many years.
  • L-methionine – an essential amino acid, one of two amino acids (apart from L-cysteine) which have sulphur in their composition. It is responsible for good condition of hair, skin and nails, it takes part in regeneration processes in connective tissue. When we have too little methionine in our body, hair becomes weak and falls out excessively. Unfortunately, our body does not produce this substance, it is only supplied from the outside – with food. It can also be supplemented – taking preparations with L-methionine results in stopping hair loss, strengthening hair and accelerating hair growth.
  • Pantothenic acid – a very valuable ingredient for stimulating hair growth. It participates in the process of hair matrix cells proliferation and stimulates the production of protein, which is the building material of hair. It takes care of fast growth of a hair shaft and its proper filling. Thanks to pantothenic acid the hair gains high elasticity and proper moisture level. What is more, this ingredient strengthens hair and prevents the loss of natural pigment, in other words, it protects against greying.
  • Vitamin B6 is involved in the process of creating new hair and helps maintain the proper hair growth rate. When there is not enough vitamin B6 in the body, hair grows slower and the resulting strands are thinner and weaker. Vitamin B6 also maintains the natural colour of hair.


  • Vitamin A supports metabolic processes responsible for good condition of skin and hair. It makes hair strong, healthy and thick. It protects hair against excessive hair loss.
  • VitaminE influences the condition of the scalp and hair. It takes care of the proper level of nutrition, hydration and greasing of hair. Helps regulate sebaceous glands. Supports the process of scalp regeneration and helps to restore the undisturbed structure of hair and its healthy, pretty look.
  • Zinc – one of the most important minerals affecting hair health. It supports the production of keratin which is the building block of hair. It regulates the process of vitamins and amino acids transportation to hair structures. Thanks to it, hair is strong, dense, vital and does not fall out. Zinc also helps to normalise the work of sebaceous glands.
  • Copper makes hair more resilient, stronger, less likely to break and less likely to fall out. Copper is also responsible for an intensive, nice hair colour and therefore protects us against gray hair.

Vita Hair Man – effects

Vita Hair Man

Undoubtedly Vita Hair Man it is an effective weapon against baldness and other hair problems, including seborrhoea and greying. The effects of using these capsules are primarily a significant improvement in the quality and quantity of hair. If you use the supplement regularly, you can count on covering thinning areas on your head, inhibition of the balding process and a positive change in the structure of your hair (it is smoother, more flexible, thicker and healthier).

However, we must remember that hair regeneration is a process that does not last one or two weeks. The scalp and hair need to be properly saturated with active ingredients which have been missing for years. However, after a month of treatment with the capsules, you will already notice a reduction in hair loss, hair strengthening and an improved appearance. With each passing week and month, the hair is getting thicker and stronger.

Vita Hair Man – opinions

Opinions about Vita Hair Man are generally satisfactory. Many men praise the supplement as a good alternative to treatments designed to curb baldness or mask thinning areas on the head. Consumers emphasize, however, that when using the supplement, you need to be patient and use it for as long as possible – the longer, the better the effects.

On average, after 2-3 months you can see an improvement both in terms of stopping hair loss, the appearance of new hair, the rate of growth, scalp health and hair vitality. Many men are of the opinion that Vita Hair Man capsules have a very positive effect not only on strengthening hair and stimulating its growth or the overall aesthetics of the hairstyle, but also on their mood, self-confidence and relationships with other people.

How to buy Vita Hair Man?

The dietary supplement is available on the official website of the manufacturer: If you make a purchase through this website, you can count on interesting promotions in which you get free packages of the product (when you buy two or three packages).

Vita Hair Man packs


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