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Vitamins for falling hair – check which ones you need most!

The basis of any treatment against hair loss should be the optimisation of your diet with regard to nutrients, which your hair needs for proper development and growth. Here are some hair vitamins, which if taken regularly in the right amounts can significantly improve the condition of your hair

Vitamins for Falling Out Hair – How Should You Take Them?

If you want to strengthen and revitalise your hair and protect it from further hair loss, you should first of all take care of its comprehensive vitaminisation. This can be done in two ways – either by providing the appropriate amounts of vitamins in food or by using hair supplements (for example, a specialist preparation for male hair loss Profolan and a vitamin and mineral hair complex for women Jelly Bear Hair). However, the best and most effective solution is a combination of the two. So don’t shy away from vegetables, fruit and wholemeal products and at the same time take a good quality hair pill every day.

Which vitamins are right for bad hair?

1. vitamin A for hair

VegetablesVitamin A (retinol) Biotin has a significant effect on the condition of hair, similarly to the condition of skin and nails. It is responsible for the proper growth of hair cells and guards metabolic processes taking place within hair bulbs and hair. Thanks to vitamin A our hair is strong, healthy, thick and grows fast enough.

The best food sources of vitamin A are: carrots, green vegetables, peppers, tomatoes, apricots, plums, pumpkin, fatty milk, fatty cheeses, liver, eggs, fatty fish.

2. vitamin E for hair

walnutsVitamin E (known as the vitamin of youth) belongs to the family of antioxidants. It protects cell membranes, helps to slow down ageing processes of our body cells (including hair cells!), helps in transporting nutrients to hair bulbs, supports regeneration processes of hair follicles, improves the look and strength of hair.

Large amounts of vitamin E can be found in: seeds, seeds and sprouts, nuts, almonds, vegetable oils, olive oil, whole grain products, liver, milk, eggs, avocado fruit, as well as in parsley, paprika, lettuce, Brussels sprouts and spinach.

3. biotin for hair

milk in a jug and a glassBiotin is also known as vitamin H or B7. It is a very important vitamin for us if our goal is to inhibit hair loss and accelerate hair growth. Thanks to biotin adequate amounts of precious sulphur reach the hair matrix, and the more sulphur, the stronger, thicker hair. Moreover, this component regulates metabolic processes and stimulates hair growth.

Milk, eggs, fish, liver, meat, nuts, vegetables, fruit, bran and cerealsare rich in biotin.

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