Vitamins for hair loss – What to choose?

90 % of people who suffer from hair loss reach for oral medication and dietary supplements. Since the weakening of hair and their excessive loss are often connected with deficiencies of important nutrients in the diet, it is worth to treat yourself with proven vitamin-mineral preparations. How to choose the best ones?

How to Stop Hair Loss – Vitamin Treatment

Although hormonal factors (harmful effect of the DHT hormone on hair follicles) are generally considered to be the cause of male pattern baldness, this is usually not the only reason. Equally often, excessive hair loss is caused by deficiencies in valuable vitamins, minerals and proteins. Too poor a diet, combined with stress and overwork, is a ready recipe to start balding at a not insignificant speed.

In order to stop the hair loss process, it is worth changing your eating habits as soon as possible (more about the diet for hair loss can be found here) and to equip yourself with vitamin hair pills, which have a regenerative and strengthening effect on your hair.

The most important things your hair needs are:

  • biotin and other B vitamins
  • vitamin A
  • vitamin E
  • zinc
  • copper
  • silicon
  • iron
  • Sulphur-containing amino acids

Vitamins for hair – together or separately?

fruit in baskets on the marketFor an effective vitamin treatment against hair loss, it is important to take all the ingredients your hair needs for intensive recovery at the same time.

There are two opinions on the form of taking the individual active substances. Some claim that it is better to take each vitamin or mineral separately, others that multi-ingredient supplements for hair loss are a much better option.

The advantage of the first form of treatment is the possibility to choose the manufacturer of each individual substance and the choice of the highest quality product with a sufficiently high dose in one capsule or tablet. The disadvantage is the limited convenience of application – the necessity to take several or even more than a dozen of different tablets daily. In addition, purchasing each vitamin separately may prove to be a much more expensive solution than purchasing a multi-ingredient product.

In the case of complex supplements, the advantage is the combination of many different substances in one tablet and great convenience in taking them (only one or two tablets a day). On the other hand, it is often the case that the number of active ingredients in one tablet is too small or that they are wrongly chosen, which reduces the effectiveness of the product.

It is possible to avoid this, if you find a really good quality dietary supplement for baldness, distinguished by a full pool of ingredients needed for hair in optimal doses. If you browse the current offer, you will notice that Profolan has the best composition.

Complex supplements for hair loss – product overview

Here are the most popular hair loss preparations currently on the market. Due to their rich composition, they should be taken into account when planning a vitamin and mineral treatment against hair loss.

  • Follixin
  • – a preparation for baldness for men. In its composition you can find collagen protein hydrolysate, zinc, copper, B group vitamins, nettle and field horsetail extracts. Price – approx. PLN 150 for 60 capsules.

  • Provillus
  • – a multi-ingredient supplement which prevents hair loss and stimulates hair growth. Active ingredients: biotin, vitamin B6, zinc, magnesium, sabal palm extract, plant extracts.

  • Solgar Hair, Skin, Nails
  • – multi-element tablets for hair growth. At the same time, it is a preparation regenerating and nourishing the skin and nails. It contains sulphur, silicon, vitamin C, zinc, copper, L-lysine and L-proline.

  • DX2
  • hair strengthening capsules intended for men. The preparation contains 100 g of field horsetail in 1 capsule, in addition, L-cysteine (5 mg), B vitamin complex, vitamin E and A, zinc, selenium, copper, iodine, iron

  • Dermena Complex
  • – capsules for weakened, prone to hair loss. Additionally, the preparation has a beneficial effect on the condition of skin and nails. Contains: B group vitamins, field horsetail extract (50 mg in 1 capsule), flax seed extract, vitamin E, vitamin C, zinc and selenium

  • Profolan

– an advanced preparation for androgenic alopecia, containing the highest dose of pure field horsetail extract (400 mg in 2 capsules), as well as: nettle extract, two sulfur amino acids (taurine 200 mg and L-cysteine 100 mg in 2 capsules), B group vitamins, biotin, vitamin A, zinc and copper. All vitamins and minerals present in very high doses.

Which baldness pills to choose?

bananas and pumpkinsAnalyzing the compositions of individual vitamin preparations for hair loss, you can see that some of them have relatively small amounts of active ingredients in daily servings. Dietary supplements, such as: DX2, Dermena Complex, Solgar Hair, Skin, Nails or Follixin, may be helpful in case of hair loss caused only by weakening of the organism or nutritional deficiencies.

However, in case of androgenetic alopecia, Profolan remedies are a better choice. This preparation has a full array of substances that inhibit baldness (in very high doses). In addition, some of the ingredients not only strengthen and regenerate hair, but also inhibit the harmful effects of DHT hormone (through the formula Grow3: field horsetail, nettle and L-cysteine).

Read more about the composition and action of Profolan here

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