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Vitapil – a market novelty in the field of combating hair loss. Who will it help and who will not necessarily?

Vitapil with biotin and bamboo extract is a dietary supplement which is becoming more and more popular. Its main task is to inhibit excessive hair loss while stimulating new hair growth. What is the composition and action of Vitapil? When is it worth and when is it not worth to invest in it?

Vitapil – composition, action, price

Vitapil strong and shiny hair

The Internet is getting louder and louder about a multi-ingredient hair health supplement called Vitapil. The price of the preparation is about $10 for 60 tablets, which corresponds to a 2-month treatment (the recommended dose is one tablet per day).

The composition of Vitapil is based on a natural extract of bamboo shoots (20 mg per tablet) containing a high dose of silica and biotin (300 µg, which corresponds to 600% of the recommended daily intake). Additional ingredients of the preparation are soy proteins, yeast extract and vitamin and mineral complex, including B group vitamins, zinc, iron, copper.

Thanks to such selected ingredients, Vitapil tablets have a complex influence on hair health, nourish, regenerate and strengthen it. Silicon increases the resistance and strength of hair, stimulates its growth and contributes to its thickness and elasticity. Zinc actively supports synthesis of hair proteins. Biotin participates in the metabolism of proteins and “watches over” the supply of hair matrix with proper amounts of precious sulphur. Copper positively influences hair pigmentation. Other components support the proper functioning of hair, nourish it and prevent hair loss.

Who will Vitapil help?

The Vitapil hair growth and hair loss product in one is a good choice for people who suffer from worsening hair condition due to weakened body, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, stress, hormonal changes, medications taken or diseases. It is also a good option for hair that falls out and is damaged by hair styling treatments (e.g. colouring, bleaching, straightening and heat drying).

Vitapil’s multi-element, well-composed composition will help to restore former strength and healthy look to damaged hair. Also worth attention is Vitapil Mama, which, as the name suggests, is addressed to women after childbirth who have problems with weakened, lacking vitality and prone to hair loss.

Who will Vitapil not help?

Vitapil is not a good choice for men who have noticed signs of androgenetic alopecia and would like to stop the unwanted hair thinning process with an oral medication. Vitapil tablets are simply too weak to confront male pattern baldness and hit its cause – the harmful effects of DHT hormone on hair follicles.

In order to prevent miniaturization of hair follicles resulting in short hair growth phase and its early loss, it is worth to reach for another product, targeted specifically for men dealing with androgenetic alopecia. One of them is Profolan equipped with the Grow3 formula. You can read more about Profolan here.

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