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What is platelet rich plasma treatment of alopecia?

Platelet rich plasma therapy is considered a revolutionary method of eliminating various beauty defects. The treatment is also applied in the course of baldness treatment. How does the treatment with platelet rich plasma look like, how much does it cost and is it an effective way to cure hair loss?

Platelet rich plasma for hair – what does the treatment consist in?

preparation of platelet rich plasmaMore and more people come to aesthetic medicine clinics interested in platelet rich plasma treatment, mostly in order to rejuvenate the skin and remove wrinkles, but also to stop balding and stimulate hair growth. The first stage of the treatment is to collect the patient’s blood and then, using a special laboratory centrifuge, “extract” the plasma from it, which contains highly concentrated platelets.

Then platelet rich plasma is injected with thin needles under the scalp or face, depending on the purpose of the therapy. The procedure is quick and painless and is performed under local anesthesia. Applied under the skin of the patient’s own platelets become a specific activator of new cell growth, so that the skin is subject to increased regeneration. In people with alopecia mesotherapy platelet rich plasma stimulates weakened, inactive hair follicles and roots to produce new, healthy hair and as a result hair growth in areas where they have thinned.

Platelet rich plasma mesotherapy – price

Platelet rich plasma injection is an advanced method based on the latest achievements in aesthetic medicine. It is an effective but expensive method. A person suffering from androgenic alopecia who would like to take advantage of this form of therapy has to reckon with the cost of about $270 for one treatment. This is an average value, in some clinics you can perform mesotherapy of the scalp with platelet rich plasma for as little as 190$, in others even for 500$. However, this does not change the fact that these are exorbitant amounts, especially that the treatment should be repeated after about 2 months to be truly effective.

Cheaper alternative to platelet rich plasma mesotherapy

Are there any other effective treatments for androgenetic alopecia that would not involve such high expenses? For men who have not yet experienced complete follicular degradation and who are dealing with only partial hair thinning, oral formulations may be an alternative to expensive mesotherapy. For example, the cost of a six-month treatment with Profolan (in many opinions the most effective dietary supplement for baldness), is $150. In comparison, the cost of two platelet-rich plasma mesotherapy treatments (about 2 months apart) averages $400.

Want to learn more about Profolan? You can read about it in this article.

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