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What stimulates bust growth, check out the best natural ways to enlarge breasts!

Do you want to improve your bust size? You don’t have to undergo procedures that involve significant interference with your body. You also don’t have to take artificial hormones, which can be risky for your health. There are a number of ways that you can naturally increase the volume of your breasts, and these are mainly methods based on the benefits of herbs. There are many medicinal plants that can stimulate breast growth by regulating hormone levels. Small actions (such as breast massage), which can be easily performed at home, can also be helpful. Check, what stimulates the growth of breasts and become the owner of full, firm, charming breasts.

Natural breast enlargement, not only scalpel and complicated aesthetic medicine procedures

What to do to have bigger breasts? How to exchange a small A or B cup for a prominent, full C cup? These questions are often asked by owners of small, filigree breasts. The option of plastic surgery or treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine most of us reject at once, mainly for reasons such as:

  • very high costs,
  • significant interference in the body,
  • artificial, exaggerated effects (in case of silicon implant surgery),
  • time-consuming and the need to visit clinics and repeat treatments (in the case of irradiation, electrostimulation, mesotherapy).

Fortunately, there are also other ways, for example involving the use of herbal extracts stimulating the production of female hormones and activating the process of bust growth. Another home method is systematic doing exercises stimulating work of chest muscles and shaping breasts, another one consists in stimulation of blood circulation, what results in more intensive supply of breast tissues with valuable substances.

Application of these methods brings the effect of bust size increase, as well as its revitalization, rejuvenation, nice shape and elevation.

Natural methods for bust enlargement have many advantages, that is why they are more and more often chosen by women. First of all, they are safe for us and carry no risk of adverse side effects. They are also not connected with deep interference in the body like plastic surgery.

Instead, they are gentle and body-friendly, comfortable, affordable, can be done at home, whenever we have time and desire. They allow to bring out and emphasize our natural beauty instead of giving inauthentic, “plastic” effects as in the case of silicone implants.

What is worth emphasizing, natural methods of breast enlargement are also economically beneficial for us. Prices of herbs and special preparations, whether in tablets or creams and gels, are incomparably lower than visits to clinics. Even if we decide to reach for a high quality agent, we will still pay for it many times less than we would pay for plastic surgery or a series of treatments.

What stimulates the growth of breasts – home methods, which will make you the owner of fuller and firmer breasts

woman measures her breasts with a centimeter

The top 5 home ways to stimulate breast growth and improve their appearance are:

  • breast massage,
  • breast exercises,
  • herbs for breast growth,
  • bust enhancement pills,
  • bust enhancement creams.

In addition to these methods, there are a number of products that we can use to lift and enhance our breasts. Although they do not give lasting effects, and only optically enlarge the bust, they can be helpful for people who would like their figure to visually look more feminine. They also work well for special occasions, for example, when we would like to add a little sex appeal to ourselves. These are:

  • push-up bras,
  • padded bras with sponge inserts in the cups,
  • corsets with push-up cups,
  • blouses and dresses with pleats, lace, frills in the neckline area,
  • blouses and dresses with pockets and applications in the neckline area,
  • dresses and blouses with so-called water neckline (flowing cut),
  • dresses and blouses cut below the bust,
  • patches and tapes to shape and lift the bust,
  • breast shaping inserts.

How to enlarge breasts naturally – exercises and massages

Both too small breasts size, as well as such phenomena as breast sagging and flaccidity, we can correct by performing regular exercises and massages. Gymnastics for shapely, nicely raised, elastic breasts is best to conduct 3-4 times a week, repeating each exercise a dozen or so times.

Bust exercises stimulate to work and strengthen chest muscles. In this way they counteract the law of gravity, causing the excessive sagging of breasts, and thus lift, tighten and improve their appearance. They are very simple and quick to implement. It is enough, that we manage to set aside 10 minutes to perform such a series. If we do not have time to visit a gym, we can exercise at home, for example, while watching TV or a movie.

We do not need any specialized equipment to exercise on the bust, only small dumbbells, which can be replaced by half-liter bottles of water.

woman exercises with dumbbells

Here are the best exercises for breasts:

  • push-ups against a wall,
  • wall push-ups (without bending the elbows),
  • push-ups on your knees,
  • plank,
  • Sit-ups with dumbbells (or water bottles),
  • carrying dumbbells (or water bottles) behind the head in a lying position,
  • pressing dumbbells in a lying position,
  • pressing dumbbells in a standing position,
  • butterfly,
  • hand to hand presses (hold your hands in front of your chest in a prayer-like gesture),
  • arm swings,
  • arm circles.

Much in the scope of improving the firmness and tightness of the bust and improving the skin condition will also give us a periodic massage. It is best to do it several times a week with the use of selected essential oil or special massage oil.

With your hands on which you have previously poured some oil, massage the breasts, making circular movements – from the outside towards the sternum.

An excellent massage for breasts is also pouring them alternately with warm and cold water (from the bottom up) during the shower. Another proven method is the use of scrubs for breasts, preferably every few days, using ready-made scrubs or homemade scrubs (for example from coffee or sea salt).

Bust massage stimulates microcirculation in the skin, contributing to better blood supply and nutrition of tissues and more intensive hormone inflow. Systematically performed influences the increase of elasticity, tension and smoothness of breast skin and makes the bust firmer and fuller.

Herbs for bust enlargement

Female sex hormones, such as estrogen, progesterone, prolactin, are mainly responsible for our reproductive abilities, but also for libido, metabolism, calcium storage, mood, skin condition and for development of feminine features in our body. Thanks to female hormones we have a high-pitched voice, specific female body hair, characteristic body proportions (rounded shapes, wider hips, less muscle tissue and more fat tissue than in men). Female hormones are also responsible for breast growth and their feminine appearance.

There is a whole range of herbs rich in the so-called phytohormones, i.e. substances, which in their structure and action resemble female hormones. After entering the body, these compounds mimic female hormones, doing the same work as they do.

In this way, phytohormones, and especially one of their types, phytoestrogens, guard the proper level of female hormones in our body, which affects, among other things, regulation of the menstrual cycle, relief of menstrual pain and PMS, delay of menopause, improvement of beauty and well-being and accentuation of female features, including bust enhancement.

Best herbs for bust enhancement

Wild yam

Wild yam is a perennial vine equipped with tuberous rhizomes, native to the tropics and having a wide range of medicinal uses. Due to high content of phytoestrogens, i.e. plant equivalents of estrogens (which mimic their action in our body), yam is a valuable aid in various female ailments, including menopause, infertility, painful menstruation, irregular menstruation. Wild yam is also one of the leading plants that can help increase bust size.


Fenugreek is a green plant that grows in fields and meadows. Its seeds are used as a spice. It occupies a particularly important place in Asian cuisine. Fenugreek is also one of the ingredients in the popular spice, curry. Apart from its culinary value, it shows numerous health promoting properties (e.g. stimulates tissue regeneration processes, improves digestion). What is important, fenugreek is also a remedy for women’s problems. It is rich in phytoestrogens, thanks to which it regulates the hormonal balance and helps get rid of ailments associated with insufficient estrogen levels. Due to its high content of phytohormones, fenugreek can also have a positive effect on the shape and size of breasts.

Red clover

Belonging to the Fabaceae family, red clover is one of the most common plants inhabiting our meadows and fields. However, its effects are not so common. Red clover is distinguished by an above-average content of phytohormones, thanks to which it “fixes” various women’s problems, such as irregular periods, decreased libido or too small breasts. Thanks to high concentration of genistein, daidzein and other phytoestrogens, red clover contributes to enlargement of breasts’ volume and emphasizes their round, full, feminine form.


A member of the celery family and cultivated worldwide, fennel is another herb whose composition contains female hormone equivalents. Used regularly, fennel will help improve the functioning of our endocrine system and increase the level of female sex hormones, thus improving beauty and well-being, enhancing feminine features, increasing bust volume and making it firmer and lifted.

Pueraria mirifica

Pueraria mirifica is an oriental herb originating from the remote areas of Thailand and Myanmar. The powdered root of this plant occupies an important place in traditional Thai medicine. Pueraria mirifica, as a treasury of phytoestrogens, regulates hormonal balance and contributes to improving the shape, structure and size of the bust. It makes breasts fuller, visually bigger, more elastic, less drooping, and the skin on them is tighter and smoother.

However, herbs are not everything. Interestingly, also among popular food products we can find some that contain a certain amount of phytoestrogens. These are, inter alia, legumes (especially soybean), flaxseed, sesame, nuts, apples, sunflower seeds.

Preparations for bust enlargement an interesting alternative to treatments and herbs

young woman in a sports outfit

Taking into consideration all the available methods of bust enlargement, using preparations in the form of diet supplements or creams seems to be the best option in a situation, when we are looking for something that brings clear and quick results and at the same time does not involve the use of a scalpel or other invasive techniques.

Commercially available capsules and tablets for bust enlargement as well as creams for bust enlargement usually contain in their composition extracts from plants rich in phytohormones. Thanks to that, they stimulate breast growth, firm and shape the breasts with multiplied power.

Not only that they work more intensively and faster than herbal infusions, but also they are more convenient to use. Not every of us is a fan of daily brewing of herbs and drinking them. Using ready-made preparations, we can comfortably and effectively use all benefits of herbs.

Natural breast enlargement – effects

Drinking herbs that stimulate bust growth can be effective, but also requires from us a large dose of patience and consistency in action. When deciding on a herbal treatment, we have to be aware that we will have to brew herbal infusions and drink them regularly, once or twice a day. Herbs have this property that they “show” their effects only after a longer period of use.

The effects of herbal treatment may also be weaker than the effects of using a professionally composed, containing several different ingredients, ready-made medicine.

If you are a busy person, if you like simple but effective solutions, if you are not fond of the taste of herbs, if you do not want to use treatments in clinics, in each of those cases the optimal solution will be reaching for ready-made preparations for bust enlargement, based on natural ingredients. The effects of their regular use are:

  • increase in breast volume,
  • improvement of shape and better breast lift,
  • nicer, smoother skin of breasts and neckline,
  • better tightened, more elastic, fuller and firmer breasts.

The most intensively working preparations for bust enlargement:

Bust enlargement tablets with an extended composition


Rich bust modelling and enlargement cream
Maxi Bust

Maxi Bust


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