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What to eat after strength training?

Everyone who does strength training and attaches importance to dietsthe importance of the following nutrients meals post-workout. What to eat after strength training to best support tired muscles and stimulate them to growth?

The post workout meal – much more important than you think

Adepts of mass training are divided into those who don’t care about the diet, thinking that everything will be taken care of by nutrients and supplements, and those who are aware of how important it is for muscle growth diet (and who willingly put it into practice). Needless to say I’m an advocate of the latter approach to the issue. What we eat is crucial to building muscularity. Dietary supplements The foods we eat are only boosters and accelerators of the whole process. The post-workout meal is particularly important in our menu, because it determines whether the muscles receive the appropriate dose of energy and building material needed for growth. If they don’t get them, they will start to ‘devour’ themselves.

What to eat after training for mass?

If you are training for mass or are in the muscle sculpting phase, you should focus on two meals after each training session. Eat the first one immediately after exercising, about 20 minutes after, and the second one about an hour and a half after. As for the first one, you don’t have to worry that you won’t have time to come home from the gym to prepare something, because it’s a simple and small snack, just meant to temporarily ‘feed’ your exhausted muscles. You can consume it at the gym or during your return home. On the other hand, the next meal after the workout should already be big, concentrated and properly composed.

What to eat directly after strength training?

Fruit shakes

After completing strength training, your muscles are exhausted and need an energy boost. In order not to trigger the catabolism process (definitely not recommended in mass gain and sculpting cycles), try to consume your first meal between 15 and 30 minutes after training.

What to eat directly after strength training? It’s best to reach for a product containing easily and quickly absorbed simple sugars. A certain amount of protein rich in valuable amino acids will also be useful. Examples of such snacks consumed immediately after training can be: bananas, rice wafers plus yoghurt, biscuits plus milk, fruit plus yoghurt, shake carbohydrate-protein.

What to eat after strength training?

roast chicken with rice and vegetables

Approximately one to two hours after the training strength training it is worth eating a large, valuable dinner meal. If you exercise in the evening, you can replace it with a hearty supper, the main thing is to choose the right products making up our dishes. Proteins should be the basis of a post-workout meal. In the second place on your plate should be complex carbohydrates. We should avoid products with a significant fat content.

Protein remains the most important issue, as it is particularly important in the process of mass formation. If you provide your muscles with the right amount of protein in the post-workout meal, they will have something to draw on for growth, and they will also regenerate more efficiently. And thanks to the presence of complex carbohydrates, which are released slowly, the energy level will be maintained at an even level.

What to eat after strength training – examples of dishes

Here are examples of proven, nutritious and effective for the muscles, post-workout meals. You can use them regardless of whether you train in the morning, at noon or in the evening.

  1. Scrambled eggs with tomatoes and chicken ham, served with a graham roll
  2. Pancakes made of wholemeal flour, served with cottage cheese filling, topped with yoghurt
  3. Wholemeal pasta baked with tuna, vegetables and mozzarella cheese
  4. Hot poultry sausages, cottage cheese, wholemeal bread, tomato
  5. Soft boiled eggs, cottage cheese and smoked mackerel paste, vegetables, wholemeal bread
  6. Soup with cream of green peas, omelette with bran and ham as the second course
  7. Brown rice, bouquet of boiled vegetables, chicken breast rolls with mushrooms
  8. Tortillas with chicken, feta cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and yoghurt-herb sauce

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