What to eat for potency? Check how to compose a menu!

One of the important problems of modern life is the sensitive issue of reduced sexual performance affecting many men. Often in this kind of situation men reach for the simplest solution – an erection stimulating pill. However, many factors decide about full sexual efficiency, among which a proper diet for potency plays a significant role.

Factors negatively influencing sexual function

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Potency, i.e. the ability to have sexual intercourse, is one of the most important elements influencing a man’s self-esteem, regardless of the role he plays in the reproductive process.

Meanwhile, the pace and lifestyle, environmental pollution, junk food and lack of physical activity are increasingly taking a toll on this male fitness. According to various estimates at least a dozen or so percent complain of permanent erection problems, and from time to time the majority of men struggle with it, and not necessarily at a mature age. And disorders of libido and sexual function are in turn a straight road to neurosis and depression.

Among the factors negatively affecting sexual functions we should first of all mention lifestyle, namely constant stress, poor diet and lack of exercise. Even if we are not able to avoid stressful situations, we must at least learn to relax, and above all change our eating habits and start practicing sports.

Adiet for potency definitely requires eliminating everything that is very tempting, but turns out to be deadly for our health and condition: processed food, excess sugar and salt, which junk food abounds in, or alcohol.

The link with sexual performance is direct here – simple sugars lower the levels of hormones responsible for the functioning of the reproductive organs, and consequently testosterone. Excess salt causes hypertension, and studies have shown that erectile dysfunction is more likely to affect men with hypertension. Unhealthy trans fatty acids are responsible for the formation of atherosclerotic plaques, which in turn impede blood flow and consequently erection problems. Finally, alcohol, which admittedly promotes the creation of intimate situations, but in the long run undoubtedly lowers sexual performance.

What to eat for potency? – Essential substances and food products

A healthy salad

A well-balanced, proper diet, an active lifestyle and the ability to relax after stressful work are the basis of health and vigour, also in terms of intimate contacts. It is also very important to control the quality and quantity of food consumed in order to avoid excessive weight gain, as excess body weight is one of the causes of erectile dysfunction.

A balanced diet for potency should contain all nutrients essential for the body – vitamins, minerals, fiber, complex carbohydrates, complete protein, unsaturated fatty acids. When composing a diet for potency, it is also worth paying attention to all products rich in antioxidants.

So what to eat for potency?


Vegetables first and foremost. They contain vitamins so necessary for health and vitality, in the sexual context especially important is vitamin B8, that is inositol, B2 and vitamin E, called the fertility vitamin, because it has a significant effect on sperm production. In addition, it strengthens the walls of blood vessels and aids circulation. Our daily menu should therefore include: spinach, various salads, cabbage, tomatoes, beets, carrots, broccoli, kale, zucchini, potatoes, legumes and nuts, seeds, almonds.

2. cereal products

Whole grain cereals –wholemeal bread, coarse groats, brown rice, wholemeal pasta, cereals. They provide the body with vitamins from the B group and fibre, which regulates the digestive processes and helps to maintain proper weight, as well as other necessary substances, such as zinc and selenium.

3 Fish

Fish, especially sea fish, seafood, vegetable oils. These products are rich in omega 3 unsaturated fatty acids that are extremely valuable for the body, which, unlike unhealthy trans fats present in all fast-foods, promote health and sexual performance. Especially important in this context are fatty sea fish and unrefined oils consumed raw, for example as an addition to salads. Vitamin D, which is directly responsible for testosterone levels, is also found in these products.

4 Zinc

Zinc, a microelement essential for testosterone production, affecting sperm and protecting the prostate, is extremely important for potency. Its deficiency in the body can result in low testosterone levels, and as a result erectile dysfunction. The potency diet should therefore include products rich in this element, namely: dark bread, buckwheat groats, eggs, lean meat, rennet cheeses, nuts, bran. A diet for potency should also contain selenium , which is a strong antioxidant. It is found in marine organisms, legumes, garlic, mushrooms.

5 Arginine

Nitric oxide plays an important role in the mechanism of erection, stimulating the filling of the penile cavernous bodies with blood and the formation of an erection. Essential for the synthesis of nitric oxide is arginine, an amino acid which occurs naturally in the body, but sometimes in insufficient quantities. Deficiencies can be made up for by reaching for capsules and tablets for potency, or by introducing foods such as red meat, poultry, fish and seafood, egg yolks, spinach, lentils, nuts and seeds into the diet. Egg yolks also provide choline, important for proper functioning of neurotransmitters, so indirectly responsible for feeling sexual desire.

Diet for potency – how to compose meals

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As in any healthy, balanced diet, so in this case, several important rules should be followed. Firstly, you should eat 4-5 smaller meals a day, instead of 2 or 3 large ones, and definitely avoid big dinners, during which you make up for a whole day without eating. Secondly, you need to drink a lot, not at least not sweet fizzy drinks, but mineral water, you can also reach for vegetable juices or unsweetened fruit juices and herbal teas.

Thirdly, remember about the so-called nutritional pyramid, where the basis are vegetables and to a lesser extent fruit, then wholemeal cereal products, dairy and only at the end fish, meat and its products.

What to eat for potency? – menu

Menu in the diet for potency may look as follows:

I day

  • breakfast – wholemeal bread, lean ham, tomato and pepper salad, tea
  • second breakfast – fruit salad with almonds, water with lemon
  • dinner – tomato soup, grilled salmon, brown rice, salad mix with sunflower oil and seeds, herbal tea
  • snack – apples
  • supper – omelette with mushrooms, chicory salad

II day

  • breakfast – oatmeal with fruit and nuts, natural yoghurt, tea
  • second breakfast – wholemeal bread sandwich with smoked fish, vegetable juice
  • dinner – krupnik with potatoes, wholemeal pasta, chicken breast in herbs
  • afternoon – fruit cocktail with bran
  • supper – Greek salad, wholemeal bread

III day

  • breakfast – scrambled eggs with chives, wholemeal bread, lettuce with oil and pumpkin seeds
  • second breakfast – fruit, yoghurt, tea
  • dinner – roast pork loin with apples, buckwheat groats, pickled cucumber, vegetable juice
  • afternoon snack – fruit cocktail or salad, water
  • supper – Greek style fish, dark bread, tea

IV day

  • breakfast – cottage cheese with chives, radishes, cucumber and tomato, bread, coffee with milk
  • second breakfast – muesli with fruit
  • dinner – Ukrainian red borscht, wholemeal pasta with spinach pesto, water
  • afternoon tea – fruit cocktail
  • supper – sandwiches with smoked fish, salad

V day

  • breakfast – soft-boiled egg, tomato and pepper salad with parsley, tea
  • second breakfast – oatmeal with fruit and nuts
  • dinner – halibut in vegetables, potatoes, sugar-free compote or blackcurrant juice
  • snack – natural yoghurt, apple
  • supper – chicken salad with pineapple, wholemeal bread, water

Cocktails for potency – recipes

Healthy green cocktail

Blender smoothies are a quick way to replenish the nutrients you need to maintain high sexual performance. When composing cocktails for potency it is worth combining vegetable ingredients with cereal and fruit ingredients.

Do not forget about nuts, grains, almonds and herbs, spices and dried vegetable powders (e.g. ginger, lovage, chili, flaxseed, young green barley, etc.). An interesting addition to the smoothies, increasing their nutritiousness, will also be legumes – beans, soybeans, lentils, chickpeas, peas.

Sample sets of ingredients for shakes for potency:

  • Set 1: celery, botanical leaves, sunflower seeds, walnuts, melon, kiwi.
  • Set2: beetroot, carrot, spinach leaves, chia seeds, orange, apple.
  • Set3: tomatoes, peppers, parsley, flaxseed, avocado.
  • Set4: celery, peanuts, banana, kiwi.
  • Set5: kale, ground cucumbers, young green barley, pumpkin seeds, tangerines.
  • Set6: kohlrabi, parsley, sunflower seeds, ginger, pear.
  • Set7: cooked beans, green salad, walnuts, raspberries, water.
  • Set8: black turnips, sprouts, dill, bran, apple, orange.

Other natural remedies for potency

In addition to changing your lifestyle to a more active one and introducing a healthy menu, you can also reach for herbs or dietary supplements. For example, mace extract powder is a herbal remedy often used for erectile dysfunction. This plant with a charming name is equipped with substances increasing libido, stimulating sperm production and preventing impotence. Mace has been shown to increase testosterone production in the body, while other plants such as maca root, Chinese citronella and sabal palm have a similar effect.

An interesting alternative to herbs and powdered plant extracts are also capsules containing whole compositions of extracts improving potency and enriched with L-arginine. It is worth paying attention to:

Eron Plus – double potency capsules

Eron Plus

Spermax Control – a multi-ingredient dietary supplement for potency

Spermax Control

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