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Which exercise bar should I choose – straight or broken?

Home gym is a very convenient solution, which is appreciated by many active fans of bodybuilding. If you also create, or are about to create, your own home gym, surely you had a dilemma whether to bet on the classic in the form of straight griffin, or maybe go towards a slight variety in the form of broken griffin. I also wondered about it, check what I chose.

Griffin straight or broken – – which choose?

Straight barbell is the queen of strength training. It is extremely versatile, allows you to perform countless exercises on the various parts of the muscles, it is handy and comfortable to use, even with huge, attached to it, loads. About all these advantages of the barbell I knew very well before making purchases for my home gym. I was aware that the barbell is a versatile exercise tool, with which I will be able to grind my muscles in many ways. At the same time I was very interested and intrigued by the broken barbell – a clever “contraption”, which according to many opinions, was an extremely effective tool for training biceps and triceps. Because I could not make up my mind – I bought both a straight barbell and a broken barbell. As it turned out, it was a very good solution.

Gryf broken i straight – – two straight instruments for for exercise, full spectrum possibilities training

barbellIf, like me, you are wondering what to choose – straight or broken barbell, I recommend adding both of these devices to your home gym. Straight barbell will do its job during the exercises for the chest, shoulders, back, while with the broken neck you can work on biceps, triceps, forearms. However, if you do not have sufficient funds for one and the other instrument, in this case it is better to bet on a straight barbell, which is much more versatile (by the way, with it you can easily build biceps and triceps).

A big improvement in the training of biceps and triceps with a broken neck is a smaller load on the wrists, but on the other hand, it is useful only for some exercises. For me, the broken neck is an interesting addition to the basic training with a straight barbell, and at the same time a method to nicely sculpt and isolate biceps and triceps arm muscles.

Griffin easy broken barbell or griffin hard broken?

broken griffinA dilemma that often arises among buyers of broken griffins is the degree of its bend. You can choose between grips with a light, streamlined bend and those with a strong bend. The latter type of griffin will be especially useful for training the triceps (e.g. using the French press method), while the slightly bent griffin is perfect for training the forearms and biceps. However, there is no golden mean here and everything depends on individual preferences of the trainer.

If you are thinking about choosing a griffin and do not know which will be the most comfortable for you, the best thing you can do is go to the gym and try out each of them. That way, you’ll be able to get the perfect equipment for your needs.

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