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The range of cosmetics designed to mask and combat greying is widening. Recently there has been a lot of interest in hair bleaches, which can be described as a compromise between hair dyes and anti-grey shampoos. Here’s a list of the hair descalers that consumers are most likely to reach for.

1. the Wella SP Men hair lightener

Wella SP Men

When you buy the Wella SP Men hair descaler, you get a kit that includes a mousse, shampoo, and brush. Apply the foam on dry hair, rinse it after a few minutes and then wash your hair with the attached shampoo. Repeat the treatment every few days. The Wella SP Men men’s hair greaser contains special pigments, thanks to which after a few applications you can completely cover gray hair. It is also enriched with vitamin C, which slows down the hair ageing process. The product gives a natural effect of dark hair. It is available in brown and black. Price: approx. 12 €.

2. male hair bleach Just for Men

Just for Men

Just For Men is a men’s hair descaler available in several color variations. Thanks to this variety, you can match the product well to your hair shade and avoid changing your hair color too radically. Just For Men is good at covering grey hair without changing the colour of the rest of your hair. The effect is very natural. The product also protects, nourishes and thickens hair thanks to a complex of plant extracts and vitamins. Application of the Just For Men hair weaner takes a few minutes. The price is around € 9.

3. the GR-7 Professional grey hair treatment

GR-7 Professional

Preparation for gray hair GR-7 belongs to a line of advanced cosmetics, which not only mask gray hair, but also “reverse its effects” and inhibit its further progress. The active ingredients of the preparation(extracts from burdock and horsetail) penetrate into the deeper layers of the scalp, activate the bulbs to work and stimulate the production of melanin (hair pigment). After the treatment with Desiccant GR-7 the hair gradually returns to its former colour. The product costs about € 36.

4. anti-graying fluid Silver-Stop


Another product, which works not so much to cover the color of gray hair, but to activate hair bulbs to more intense work. With regular use of Silver Stop, you will notice an improvement in hair color, reduction of gray hairs, increase in hair thickness and elasticity, restoration of natural shine and healthy look. The product will also help minimize dandruff if you suffer from this ailment. Silver-Stop liquid is applied on dry hair twice a day for about 3 weeks and then the frequency of application decreases. The price is about €14.

5. de-greaser in tonic Lozione K

lozione k 231x300 1

Lozione K hair tonic is a discreet, chemical-free solution, which will strengthen our hair roots and restore the natural color of gray hair. At the same time the preparation will not bring us any unwanted effects in the form of damaged hair, artificial color of the entire hairstyle or locally appearing strands in an unnatural tone. Lozione K is available in a convenient form of tonic, which is enough to massage into clean, dry hair. Repeat the treatment 2 times daily and after 2-3 weeks reduce the frequency of application. You will pay about € 10 for 1 package of Lozione K colour remover.

We also recommend Profolan, a dietary supplement, which accelerates the desquamation process and at the same time comprehensively strengthens hair and prevents baldness.

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