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Which weights to choose for my home gym?

W previous article on on organization of small home home gym I mentioned that the best is invest w the whole set weights o varied weights. Weight is one thing, a material, z from which made of are made of plates, is the other. Here’s the most popular types loads:

Loads Cast iron

Loads cast iron has this disadvantage, that is quite clumsy, w if fall can make a lot of a lot of noise, a even damage the floor. However, is this nuance w compared to to the advantages that loads cast iron w in fact have. After first – – durability. They are very solid, resistant i virtually indestructible. Such plates these will break, z successfully can use them through long years. After second – – small size. Finally third advantage loads cast iron weights is their cost – – not at all not not so high, as z seemingly it might seem. Price weights cast iron weights ranks is somewhere at average between other types of plates. However, taking the life span of i durability loads of cast iron, I believe that are these are amounts affordable.

Loads of bituminous

Loading bituminous z top coated is layer of of plastic plastic layer on top, inside and rests mass sand. Behind main plus loads bituminous loads undoubtedly recognise can be low price. Their advantage is also convenience i less risk damage the substrate w in case of fall. The downside of discs of bituminous discs is their questionable durability, short life span i low resistance. Many people complain that loads bitumen loads z over time crack i that starts spill z sand. Some disadvantage of discs bituminous discs are also their large large size.

Weights rubberised

If you are completing equipment gym i if you have a large budget to to manage, definitely you should pay attention to loads rubberized. They are most expensive of presented types plates, but i most professional. Weight rubberized, or so called. load Olympic, made is z cast iron, at outside while covered with friendly w i providing cushioning w in case of falls with a layer of rubber layer.

What loads choose?

Not there is no clear answer to to this question. Each type plates for barbells has its advantages i downsides. Everything depends depending on your by you have funds and your your own tastes. Remember, that the most important is yourself training i consistency w its performance, a this, what loads you choose, is is your individual matter. At lastly I encourage to visit my ranking supplements for mass helpful w training strength training.

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