Whitify Carbon – the innovative black paste by the teeth whitening specialist

Whitify Carbon will help us regain a snow-white smile without having to go to expensive and time-consuming cosmetic dentistry treatments. It is a specialised black toothpaste with active charcoal at its core, which mercilessly deals with stubborn stains and bacteria present in the oral cavity. Whitify Carbon will undoubtedly be of interest to anyone who would like to improve the shade of their teeth in a simple and affordable manner, even by several shades, as well as get rid of unsightly stains.

How to become the owner of beautiful, white teeth with an easy method?

Most people are not satisfied with the appearance of their teeth. Often, despite meticulous care and use of popular toothpastes or other preparations with whitening properties, our teeth respond very reluctantly to attempts to make them look perfect. Stains and discolorations are often too intensive and too strongly integrated with enamel to be removed by the average preparation.

Whitify Carbon

However, a revolutionary toothpaste has recently appeared on the market that may help resolve stains that are difficult to remove and teeth that are far from perfect white. This toothpaste is ahead of most related products in terms of richness of active ingredients and power of action. It contains activated charcoal, which is much more efficient in capturing and destroying stains and plaque, giving you pristine and white teeth. It is Whitify Carbon.

Whitify Carbon – action

Whitify Carbon toothpaste, as befits an advanced toothpaste, has multiple effects, thus not only improving the aesthetic appearance of teeth, but also providing comprehensive care for oral health. The spectrum of Whitify Carbon actions include:

  • cleaning teeth from deposits and discolourations caused by smoking, drinking coffee, strong tea, fruit juices and other factors;
  • protecting the enamel from further discoloration and plaque accumulation;
  • Change of grey or yellowish shade of teeth to a much whiter one;
  • removal of bacteria and fungi prevalent in the oral cavity;
  • protection of teeth against caries;
  • inhibiting the development of tartar;
  • Regulating the pH level in the mouth;
  • refreshing breath for a long time.


Whitify Carbon – composition

Activated char coal is the basic ingredient in toothpaste Whitify Carbon. However, it is not just ordinary carbon, but carbon with appropriately selected concentration and particle size, exactly what is needed to effectively remove both plaque and fixed stains from the surface of our teeth. Activated charcoal with high efficiency absorbs impurities encountered on its way, leading to the systematic disappearance of pigmented lesions.

Another ingredient of Whitify Carbon toothpaste is hydrated silica, which dynamically abrades all deposits from the surface of teeth, thus thoroughly cleaning and polishing them. What is more, silica has a strengthening and whitening effect on the enamel. Whitify Carbon toothpaste also contains xylitol, which plays the role of bacteria and fungus killer and caries blocker.

Another element is chlorohexidine – a substance that takes care of the health of our gums and at the same time fights bacterial plaque and protects against tartar formation. There is also antibacterial and anti-inflammatory extract of Mediterranean pine and refreshing and invigorating menthol.

The composition of Whitify Carbon toothpaste is simple, short and clear. We will not find in it an exorbitantly long list of chemical substances with complicated names and unclear effects. In this case, we know everything from A to Z – a few components comprehensively care for the health and cleanliness of teeth and oral cavity, and at the same time, or maybe above all, repair the imperfect appearance of our teeth, making them white, smooth, shiny and free from stains.

Whitify Carbon – opinions

smiling woman with a toothbrush

Black toothpastes have been making waves lately among people who want a simple, at-home way to turn their yellowish or grayish teeth into a snow-white smile or eliminate hard-to-remove stains. Whitify Carbon is one of the leading products in this category. It has received numerous positive opinions, among which the statement that this toothpaste is many times more effective than other whitening toothpastes is often repeated.

There is no shortage of positive surprises among consumers about the effects of this product – many of them did not believe that it is possible to achieve such effects with the paste alone without the need for whitening treatments in dental surgeries.

Whitify Carbon – effects

Whitify Carbon It absorbs bacteria, toxins and impurities, dissolves stains and restores the healthy, nice look to teeth. Actively abrades deposits and gives the effect of smoothness, shine and whitening. The paste restores a beautiful smile and thus improves the appearance of the whole face, positively influencing our image and self-confidence. It comes as no surprise that Whitify Carbon is increasingly recommended by people who, because of their profession, must always look great.

Whitify Carbon – purchase

Whitify Carbon is a product that we do not have to look for in drugstores or pharmacies. Just go to the official website of the manufacturer of the preparation and place an order there. It is a very simple transaction. We will not have to wait long for the package, because the orders are processed efficiently and quickly. It is worth adding that on Whitify Carbon website for interested customers are waiting attractive promotionsincluding discounts and freebies when you buy more packages.

Here you will go to the manufacturer’s website of Whitify Carbon

Whitify Carbon


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