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Whitify Strips – effective teeth whitening activator in the form of convenient strips

Whitify Strips is another home teeth whitening product from the Whitify family. After a thorough whitening toothpaste with active charcoal and the advanced teeth whitening system with the LED tray, the time has come for a solution which is both simple to use and effective – the Whitify Strips whitening strips. Thanks to the technology used and a special combination of active ingredients, Whitify Strips deserve to be called the leader on the market of strips restoring snow-white smile, both in terms of effectiveness and safety of use.

An affordable and simple way to a prettier smile

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Looking in the mirror and instead of an attractive, white smile you see teeth that are far from perfect and have an unattractive grey or yellowish tint? Are you considering professional teeth whitening in a dentist’s office, but it is beyond the reach of your wallet? You should know that you are not doomed to have unsightly teeth, even if you don’t have the funds for expensive dental treatments.

There are modern ways of whitening teeth at home, which are worth using, especially if for economical or other reasons you reject the option of a procedure at the dentist. Interestingly, products of this type are constantly being improved and reach for newer technologies. Many of those which are currently on sale can already boast of very high efficiency. One of such market gems in the category of products for home improvement of dental aesthetics is Whitify Strips.

Whitify Strips – whitening strips of maximum power and trouble-free use

There are various methods of whitening teeth at home – more and less effective, more and less comfortable to use, more and less durable. Also, not every method is optimal for everyone, so the market offers a wide range of products in this category to meet every expectation.

Among the most popular ways to whiten teeth at home, we distinguish:

  • whitening pastes – designed for practical people who, instead of several different products, prefer one universal one – both for daily teeth cleaning and for whitening,
  • whitening systems with a tray equipped with the LED lamp – for those who are keen on technological novelties and prefer advanced whitening methods,
  • Enamel whitening mouthwashes – for those who wish to improve the aesthetics of teeth in a gentle manner, while providing them with additional protection,
  • whitening strips – for those who search for an effective, efficient and at the same time comfortable and easy to use method of whitening teeth.
 Teeth whitening strips Whitify Strips

If you are an advocate of the latter method, you should pay attention to the market novelty, i.e. Whitify Strips.

These strips are based on a composition of two highly active ingredients thanks to which the process of enamel brightening is fast and highly noticeable. The manufacturer assures that in just one week we can whiten teeth by a few tones and in the following week, by another few tones.

Someone might ask – if the strips work so intensively, aren’t they dangerous for our teeth? Well, it turns out that they are not. The active ingredients work strongly to lighten and remove stains but do not cause damage, do not irritate the gums and do not leave a side effect (common in other products of this type) such as weakening of the enamel or increased tooth sensitivity.

The treatment with Whitify Strips lasts 14 days. And this is how many sachets with strips you will find in the product package. There are 2 strips in one sachet – one for the lower teeth and one for the upper teeth. Apart from the strips we also find in the box a special scale presenting different shades of teeth, which will be useful in tracking the progress of whitening.

The use of Whitify Strips is extremely simple and trouble-free. Just put the strips on your cleaned teeth (one on top, one on the bottom), wear for 30 minutes, then take them off, brush your teeth and rinse your mouth thoroughly.


Whitify Strips – formula based on advanced ingredients

 Whitify Strips whitening strips

A great advantage of Whitify Strips is fully comfortable use. The strips have a pleasant mint scent, are easy to apply, adapt well to the individual anatomical shape of dental arches and teeth and do not interfere with their use.

However, this is only the beginning of the advantages of this product. The most important advantage of Whitify strips is their effectiveness resulting from a good composition.

The formula of the gel, with which the strips are soaked, is based on two active substances, such as:

  • Sodium hydroxide – an ingredient used in dental offices equipped with strong whitening properties. Optimally selected concentration allows for obtaining excellent bleaching effects while maintaining safety for teeth. It does not scratch or weaken the enamel and does not cause damage to its surface.
  • Sodium bicarbonate – an ingredient that perfectly complements the action of the second active substance of the product. It not only independently brightens teeth, removes deposits and discoloration, but also intensifies the brightening effect of sodium hydroxide. Thus, this composition can be considered a duo of maximum effectiveness when it comes to home teeth whitening.

Whitify Strips – why and when is it worth using?

Whitify Strips is a simple and affordable way to add attractiveness to yourself, improve your image, and gain confidence and directness in dealing with other people. People who struggle with greyish, beige or yellowish teeth are often dissatisfied with themselves and don’t feel good about themselves. Their social and sometimes professional relationships suffer.

With the help of Whitify Strips in just a few or several days (depending on the condition of your teeth), we will get rid of the persistent defects of enamel, and thus we will free ourselves from embarrassment, complexes, and also regain good mood, spontaneity, courage and willingness to talk to people and smile.

Who will benefit from Whitify Strips treatment?

  • People who would like to replace dark or yellow shade of teeth with pure white.
  • People who have difficult-to-remove plaque and stains on their enamel due to smoking, frequent drinking of coffee, juices or other staining beverages, or frequent eating of dark fruits and vegetables.
  • People who are looking for an ideal proportion between the quality and price of a whitening preparation.
  • People who are looking for a good alternative to time-consuming and expensive whitening treatments at the dentist.

The most important advantages of Whitify Strips whitening strips:

  • Long-lasting results (effects last a few or several months depending on the condition of the teeth and individual predispositions). This is more than competitive products offer.
  • Good quality at low costs.
  • Effectiveness even for hard to remove and long lasting stains and plaques.
  • Quick results – even a few tones brighter teeth in a few days.

Whitify Strips – opinions

 Whitify Strips teeth whitening strips

Whitify Stripsstrips have been well received by customers, which is evidenced by positive comments, growing popularity of the product and an increasing number of sold units.

According to many opinions Whitify Strips is superior to many competing products due to faster progress of the enamel whitening process and longer lasting effects. Already after one or two days you can see that your teeth are whiter. It only gets better in the following days.

Customers also appreciate the practical aspects of the Whitify Strips treatment. The opinions found on the web concern especially the wearing comfort – you don’t feel it when wearing it, it doesn’t pinch, doesn’t irritate and is kind to gums. For half an hour of wearing the strap you can calmly focus on your chosen activity, such as reading, without waiting impatiently for the moment when you can finally take the strap off.

Another frequently mentioned strength of the Whitify Strips is the lack of side effects. The strips are not aggressive, they do not cause tooth sensitivity, pain, damage the enamel or irritate the gums. Many people point out that this is a very important advantage of the product that other strips unfortunately do not have.

For many people with more sensitive teeth and gums, this is the product that meets their needs. Whitify Strips is recommended by smokers, coffee and tea lovers. With these strips, they can finally forget about ugly plaque forever.


 Whitify Strips

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