Whitify – the new and improved version of at-home teeth whitening

Whitify is new on the teeth whitening product plaster. It is not a toothpaste, strips or mouthwash, but an innovative device combining modern technologies and the power of the most effective substances with enamel whitening properties. Whitify can be easily ordered online and used at home. Undoubtedly, it is a solution worth interest, especially for those who require something more from a whitening product than pastes or liquids offer and at the same time would like to do the whitening by themselves and not with the assistance of a dentist. Check how it works Whitify.

In search of the perfect teeth whitening…

Until recently the most spectacular results in terms of teeth whitening could be achieved thanks to expensive treatments in dental surgeries. However, recently a range of products for home use has entered the market, which, thanks to their composition of ingredients and technologies used, give excellent results in terms of enamel brightening and stain reduction, and thus come close to the effectiveness of professional whitening treatments.

Some of the most highly rated products for individual teeth whitening are black toothpastes (e.g. Whitify Carbon), whose high potency is due to the presence of activated carbon, which has outstanding abilities to absorb any deposits and lighten the shade of enamel. An interesting patent for a snow-white smile is also a novelty. Whitify Systemnot a cosmetic but a cleverly working device thanks to which whitening substances have a chance to penetrate the enamel with redoubled strength.

How to use Whitify?

Whitify System

The device is simple, yet extremely effective. The kit includes: a small LED lamp, a flexible cap and three tubes of special whitening gel.

Put the gel on the cap, put it on the lamp, and the other side is attached to the teeth. We light the lamp, wait 30 minutes, remove the cap and we are done.

These few easy steps will help you achieve whiter enamel and get rid of stubborn stains caused by smoking, drinking coffee, tea, red wine or juices. As if that wasn’t enough, Whitify is also able to deal with light to medium stains caused by medications. The manufacturer recommends that you use Whitify for 6 days, half an hour at a time. After each session, our teeth will become whiter and whiter.


Whitify – composition and technology

Whitify System

High effectiveness of Whitify is due to the combination of LED technology with the strength of whitening substances used in the gel. The product itself already has the ability to lighten enamel and remove discolourations, but what if after applying it to teeth we “treat” it with a special light beam? The effects will be definitely faster and stronger.

LED technology has been used for teeth whitening for a long time. Until recently, procedures involving its use were the domain of dental surgeries, but today we can reap its benefits at home, with the help of clever devices such as Whitify.

The Whitify gel contains some of the best known substances with whitening properties. It also contains plant extracts that support oral health. We can find here pomegranate extract with its protective properties, aloe vera juice strengthening the defence barrier against bacteria, soothing chamomile extract and menthol that guarantees fresh breath. A great advantage of Whitify gel is, apart from high effectiveness, full safety for health. What is more, the preparation does not cause tooth hypersensitivity, which often occurs after teeth whitening at the dentist’s.

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Whitify – effects

Whitening overlay Whitify System

The base of the Whitify system is a highly effective whitening gel. Additionally, the effects are intensified by irradiating with the LED lamp which is included in the set. Thanks to this clever device, in just 6 days we can radically brighten our smile, get rid of unsightly stains that are difficult to remove, eliminate tarnish caused by cigarettes or coffee, free ourselves from unpleasant dark or yellowish shade of enamel. All this without leaving home and time-consuming, expensive procedures.

Whitify System is an optimal solution when:

  • you are not interested in whitening treatments at the dentist;
  • we want to try a more advanced method of whitening than using cosmetic products;
  • whitening pastes, liquids, strips do not bring us satisfactory results;
  • We need a quick and effective way to renew the appearance of our teeth;
  • we want to take care of an impeccable image;
  • We want to increase our self-confidence and feel comfortable during any meetings and events;
  • To smile without feeling embarrassed or ashamed.

Whitify reviews

There is no doubt that Whitify is one of the most effective ways to whiten teeth at home. This is confirmed by more and more flattering comments from users of the product. According to many opinions, Whitify System stands out for its very attractive value for money. It costs significantly less than treatments at dentists and the whitening effects are comparable. Other advantages of Whitify that users say are:

  • much faster results than after using pastes and other whitening agents;
  • effective removal of deposits from tobacco, coffee, tea, juices;
  • effective lightening of discolourations (local and extensive);
  • change of enamel shade to a whiter one (even by several tones);
  • easiness and comfort of use;
  • efficiency;
  • lack of side effects (such as tooth hypersensitivity).

Whitify System – how to buy the product?

Buying Whitify is a simple and fast procedure. All you have to do is visit the official website of the product and place an order. Shipments are made within 1 business day, so the package will get into our hands at an express pace. The Whitify System set costs 39 €. Additionally, it is possible to buy only tubes with the gel, which is a great convenience in case you run out of the product and would like to continue using Whitify System.

Whitify System


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