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Why use creatine during mass gaining cycles?

Creatine is one of the most popular supplements among people training for mass. Why is it worth using? How to take it and what to combine it with in order to achieve the best results?

What does creatine do?

Creatine is the shortened, commonly used name of β-methylguanidinoacetic acid – an organic compound which occurs naturally in muscles. The key tasks it performs in the body are storing the energy required for muscle protein synthesis and releasing it during moments of physical exertion. Creatine plays a significant role in metabolic transformations taking place in muscle cells and in the process of regulating the level of ATP (an energy carrier), which is especially important during training with high power loads.

By supplementing creatine you support the natural process of muscle tissue growth, at the same time providing your body with additional fuel, thanks to which it can better adapt to increased training.

Creatine – dosage in the mass gaining cycle

If you are just beginning strength training, make the first dozen or so sessions without creatine in order to get used to new loads, strengthen your muscles and develop them in a natural way without any support. After about 2-3 months of training, when you feel the increase of strength and mass, you can start making cycles with creatine. The dosage of this supplement will depend on your individual weight. It is assumed that one portion is 0.05 g of creatine for each 1 kg of body mass, so for example if someone weighs 80 kg, they should take 4 g of creatine at one time (0.05 x 80).

Most often creatine is taken in two divided doses, first in the morning on an empty stomach and then before or after training. On non-training days you can reduce the dosage to one serving before breakfast, or use two – in the morning, on an empty stomach, and in the afternoon or evening. The absorption of creatine will increase if you consume it together with carbohydrates, proteins or vitamin and mineral supplements. Remember also to increase the amount of water you drink.

Creatine – effects

You will not have to wait long for the effects of creatine. Already after several training sessions you will feel that your muscles are more “pumped up”. Creatine supports your body during intensive effort, supplying your muscles with considerable amounts of energy. You can therefore count on increasing your training power, and what follows – faster results in the form of developed muscles. Creatine alone is not everything though. If you want to maximise the effects of its use it is worth reaching for protein supplements as well. It is also worth alternating creatine cycles with cycles with other mass gaining supplements. You can read more about the top products in this category here. Remember also about a properly balanced mass gaining diet and a well fitted training plan.

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