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Zinamax – unique capsules to fight blemishes and other skin imperfections

Zinamax is an advanced formulation and action capsules designed for people with problematic skin. The preparation effectively fights blemishes, reduces sebum secretion and improves the structure and appearance of the skin. The composition is based on lactoferrin, a unique type of protein with a strong antibacterial effect, normalizing and reducing skin changes. There is also a whole range of valuable extracts, vitamins and minerals. Zinamax is an extremely effective way to thoroughly cleanse the skin on your face, no matter what age you are or what the cause of your imperfections is.

Zinamax – a versatile and effective method for multiple skin problems


Zinamax are multi-element capsules with high bioavailability and strong bio-active properties.

The preparation leads to radical, systematic complexion cleansing, stimulates skin regeneration processes, accelerates wound and lesion healing, and provides an injection of valuable nutrients. In a word, it restores smoothness and a healthy, pretty look to problematic skin!

Today, more and more people, regardless of age, complain about various skin problems. The most common ones include:

  • acne,
  • constantly renewed infections and inflammations that contribute to the formation of spots and the deterioration of the skin structure,
  • Increased sebum (sebum) secretion leading to clogged pores, the formation of imperfections, blackheads and pimples and contributing to excessive oiliness in the T-zone and glowing skin,
  • insufficient hydration of the skin leading to its dryness and increased propensity to form wrinkles,
  • hyperpigmentation, vascular spider veins, skin hypersensitivity.
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The causes of skin problems can be very different, but most often they are related to an unhealthy lifestyle and poor skin care.

The causes of skin problems are usually

  • pollution of the environment in which we live,
  • unhealthy food, which more and more often replaces home-made meals,
  • excessive use of stimulants,
  • improper skin care (e.g. poorly selected cosmetics, insufficient cleansing, makeup removal, etc.),
  • accumulation of toxins in the body,
  • hormonal problems,
  • spending many hours indoors and lack of exercise in the fresh air resulting in insufficient oxygenation of the skin.

Regardless of the type of problem and the causes of its occurrence, Zinamax can be helpful in all types of skin problems. This is due to its carefully developed formula and multidirectional effects. The specific contains lactoferrin, a substance known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which also normalize the proper functioning of the entire body.


The contents of Zinamax also include ingredients that stimulate collagen production, rejuvenate, regenerate and nourish the skin, such as rosehip, and detoxifying substances that free the skin tissue from toxins, such as nettle.

All of this makes Zinamax a powerful support for problematic skin, and a recipe for looking pretty.


Zinamax composition and effects


The basic component of the specific product is lactoferrin, a multifunctional protein produced by epithelial cells of mucous membranes, present, inter alia, in mammalian milk.

The most characteristic feature of lactoferrin is its ability to reversibly bind iron ions, which has a significant impact on a number of physiological processes. This unique protein effectively fights bacteria, including those responsible for skin infections, it also has antiviral, antifungal, and even, as some studies indicate, anticancer properties.

The mentioned attributes, as well as the fact that lactoferrin effectively inhibits the growth of Gram-positive bacteria, is due to its ability to bind iron ions, necessary for the life of most bacteria, thus preventing their growth. It has also been shown beyond any doubt that this substance strengthens the innate and acquired immune response and improves the condition of the whole organism. It is not without reason that medicine has long stressed the importance of breastfeeding infants for their further development and even health as adults.

These undeniable qualities of lactoferrin make it widely used in many industries, such as food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Its presence in the composition of Zinamax makes this preparation significantly reduce symptoms of any inflammatory conditions of the skin.

Viola tricolor

Wild pansy, a well-known pansy, is another natural ingredient of the preparation, irreplaceable in cases of skin problems. It can be used to treat acne as well as eczema, impetigo or seborrhea.

The leaves of the violet are widely used in the production of cosmetics, because they contain valuable chemical compounds, bioflavonoids, mucilage, mineral salts, vitamin C, organic acids.

Field pansy not only has anti-inflammatory properties, but also detoxifies and cleanses the skin and heals lesions; moreover, it seals and strengthens the walls of blood vessels and facilitates the absorption of vitamin C.

Rosehip extract

The incredible power of the rosehip is well known. Thanks to its carotene, quercetin and vitamin C content, it has extremely beneficial effects on the skin, so much so that it has even been credited with blocking melanoma cell growth. Wild rose stimulates collagen production, nourishes and brightens the complexion, regenerates it and evens out its color and, what is particularly important in this case, significantly reduces the number of eczemas.

Common nettle

Nettle leaf extract, whose advantages have been known for a long time, in cooperation with other components of the preparation greatly contributes to combating adverse skin effects.

Known for its cleansing and antibacterial properties, rich in vitamins and trace elements, it is an effective tool in fighting various dermatological diseases – acne, abscesses, pimples, excess sebum. It acts anti-inflammatory and also improves metabolism.

In addition to the mentioned substances, Zinamax also includes:

  • renewing and moisturizing the skin from the inside the extract of Guinea oil (EVNolMaxTM),
  • intensively regenerating Centella Asiatica leaves extract (Centellin®),
  • taking care of the correct structure and work of the skin complex of vitamins and minerals.

It is also worth mentioning the black pepper fruit extract which supports the absorption of other active substances of the preparation, as well as supports the process of skin cleansing and enhances immunity.

Zinamax – effects of regular use


There are many indications that this extremely interesting, multi-ingredient product may be of significant help to people struggling with skin problems in the form of pimples, blackheads, acne, excess sebum and inflammation. The condition of effectiveness is, of course, regular use of the preparation. If you are systematic, you will surely achieve the expected results quickly.

The most frequently observed effects of treatment with Zinamax:

  • improvement of skin structure and appearance,
  • deep skin moisturising,
  • a visible reduction in the amount of sebum secreted,
  • deep skin cleansing,
  • soothing inflammatory conditions,
  • regeneration and nourishment, reduced visibility of older scars and lesions,
  • Reduces blemishes, redness, blackheads and other imperfections.

Zinamax – user reviews

Comments of people who have started using Zinamax, in the vast majority confirm the good quality and high effectiveness of the specific product. According to many opinions, Zinamax with systematic use proves to be effective in relieving the symptoms, and in some cases the complete elimination of skin problems. Internet users also emphasize the visible improvement of the overall condition and appearance of the skin, especially the effect of nourishment, cleansing, regaining smoothness and moisturization.

Interestingly, the positive results apply to people of different genders and ages, which proves that Zinamax is useful in virtually all circumstances.

 Zinamax Acne Tablets


What else besides Zinamax or how to take care of problematic skin?

Each and every one of us dreams of having a beautiful, dazzling complexion, however not everyone has it. It is obvious that we need to take care of our facial skin, especially if it causes us some problems. The basic principles of care and attention to its good condition seem obvious, but we do not always remember about them on a daily basis.

The condition of our skin depends to a great extent on our diet and lifestyle. We know very well that overwork, lack of sleep, lack of fresh air, and finally a diet low in vitamins, minerals and good acids, are immediately visible on our face. Taking care of the skin therefore means feeding it properly from within and living a healthy lifestyle.

However, proper skin care is no less important and consists of the following:

  • Daily, thorough makeup removal and skin cleansing – leaving makeup unwashed overnight clogs the pores and prevents the skin from breathing, promoting pimples and inflammation.
  • Systematic moisturising – skin needs water, regardless of its type. We should also moisturize oily skin, skin prone to irritation, and even that with lesions. You just need to choose the right kind of cosmetics.
  • Systematically nourish the skin with good creams or masks.
  • The right choice of cosmetics for the right skin type.
  • Proper care of the eye area, neck and décolleté.
  • Proper protection against UV radiation (using creams with SPF sunscreen).

We should also remember not to squeeze out blackheads or pimples by ourselves! This is the easiest way to spread bacteria throughout the face and worsen the existing condition. Disease lesions require professional assistance or the use of high-quality cosmetics designed specifically for skin care with problems.


 Zinamax skin tablets


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