EleverLash, a simple method for spectacularly long and thick lashes

The easiest way to beautify your eyelashes is to apply a good mascara. However this simple procedure is not always enough. Many women struggle with the problem of short, thin, delicate and prone to falling out lashes and even the best mascara is not able to give them a satisfactory effect. Dreaming of long and thick eyelashes we sometimes decide on professional cosmetic treatments or independent application of false eyelashes. However, these are not ideal solutions. Much better, simpler and less invasive way is to apply a product nourishing and stimulating natural growth of eyelashes. One of the most interesting products in this category is EleverLash.

How to lengthen eyelashes and add volume?

the eye of a woman with long lashes

There are several methods for lengthening and thickening eyelashes, the first of which is to stick artificial counterparts yourself. Artificial ey elashes are available in different variants, you can find them practically in every major drugstore store.

The most popular are lashes on a strip, which covers the entire eyelid, a little less popular are false eyelashes in clusters. An alternative to stick-on eyelashes are magnetic eyelashes, which, although they are applied quickly and efficiently, may give an unnatural effect and be uncomfortable to wear.

Another way to long, thick eyelashes leads us to a beauty salon. 1-to-1 eyelash extensions is a method that is very popular among women. The procedure involves precise sticking by a beautician synthetic eyelashes to the real ones in a 1:1 ratio. Recently, the so-called volumetric method (2D, 3D, 5D, 8D) has also become quite popular, where a beautician sticks clumps consisting of several synthetic eyelashes to the natural ones.

Artificial eyelashes – advantages and disadvantages

All the above mentioned methods of eyelash styling may give satisfactory results but unfortunately they have a few quite significant disadvantages, which often disqualifies them. The application of false eyelashes, even if professionally and carefully done, always carries the risk of damaging and weakening the natural lashes.

After removing the artificial eyelashes it often turns out that the natural ones are less than before and that they are in much worse condition. Apart from that, eyelash extending treatments are time consuming, expensive, require renewal and new lashes need to be properly cared for.

An undoubted disadvantage of stick-on eyelashes is also the risk of allergy, irritation and inflammation of the eyes. While “wearing” false eyelashes we also have to be careful and handle them carefully so that they are not damaged (for example during make-up removal).

Another disadvantage is that magnetic eyelashes and those for self-tightening and sometimes even those fitted by a beautician are often still felt and uncomfortable, they give the impression of a “foreign body” in the eye and simply disturb. Finally a word about the final effect, which is not always ideal – it can be artificial, sometimes it is even caricatured and has nothing to do with natural beauty.

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EleverLash – a new method for long, thick eyelashes

packaging EleverLash

EleverLashis a new method for long and thick eyelashes, which leaves other methods behind. EleverLash is a conditioner for self application, but the word conditioner is a bit too little in this case. It is a real serum packed with active substances, which quickly reach the eyelash roots and dynamically stimulate their growth.

The secret of EleverLash is a unique formula in which the method of action is equally important as the composition of active substances. It is certainly not a superficial action which unfortunately characterizes most eyelash conditioners available on the market.

EleverLash is a product which underwent a number of laboratory tests. Based on them it was possible to create a product actively stimulating eyelash growth, guaranteeing their strengthening and comprehensive nourishment.

Since EleverLash reaches into the eyelash follicles and bulbs and fulfils its tasks there, the product is more effective, provides longer-lasting and faster results than other eyelash conditioners. The result of treatment with EleverLash can be compared to the results of professional lash lengthening and thickening treatments. At the same time, application of this product is non-invasive and devoid of any negative side effects associated with sticking eyelashes.

As it turns out, EleverLash is not only an ideal choice for women who are looking for an alternative to false eyelashes. It is also a great option for ladies who use eyelash extensions. There is no better method to protect and regenerate lashes weakened after extension treatments.


EleverLash – how to apply

EleverLash with a brush

Simple, fast and with a guarantee of good results – this is how the treatment with the product leading the eyelash conditioner rankings goes. EleverLash.

Use a small brush to make a line on the upper eyelid, right on the lash line, as if you were applying eyeliner, but without the need to get a perfect line. It does not take even a minute to saturate lashes with nutrients and provide them with ideal conditions for growth.

In the first stage the treatment is performed daily, but once our lashes gain strength, length and density, it is enough that we treat them with conditioner twice a week – the effects will still be great.

EleverLash – effects

The effects, which can be obtained by systematically applying the EleverLash eyelash serum, include:

  • lengthening of eyelashes,
  • thickening of eyelashes,
  • thickening eyelashes,
  • nourishment of eyelashes and improvement of their appearance (more elasticity and luster, darker colour),
  • strengthening the lashes, reducing the susceptibility to falling out,
  • immunization and protection of eyelashes subjected to extension, frequent painting, permanent make-up.

It is worth adding that the use of EleverLash is safe for the eyes and their surroundings. Therefore, we do not have to worry about the occurrence of allergic reactions, inflammation, irritation, even if we are owners of sensitive eyes or delicate skin.

EleverLash – opinions

EleverLash boxes

Conditioner for eyelashes EleverLash has many positive opinions. Women who had a chance to use it often emphasize that it is the best product of this type on the market. It is distinguished by high effectiveness, fast action and the effects it provides are comparable to those provided by extension and thickening treatments.

The product satisfies both people who were looking for a way to regenerate weakened and damaged eyelashes, as well as those who wanted to become owners of eyelashes of greater volume and length without having to glue or apply artificial counterparts.

EleverLash – purchase

If you want to get beautiful, healthy, long and thick eyelashes, it is worth reaching for EleverLash. One pack of conditioner costs 32 €, which is an attractive price for a cosmetic product of high quality. However, if you want to pay even less, you can use the special promotional packages.

For more information, visit the manufacturer’s website:


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