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Nettle in tablets – 5 dietary supplements for strong, healthy hair.

It appears in numerous cosmetics and dietary supplements for hair, is a real elixir of health for them, supports their reconstruction and adds strength. We are talking about nettle, which should definitely be tried by everyone who suffers from falling, brittle, weak or slow-growing hair. Here is a brief overview of nettle supplements for hair.

The amazing nettle – pills, masks, rinses…

The beneficial effects of nettle on our body are so multifaceted that it is impossible to list all ailments this herb can help with. It prevents anaemia, cleanses the body, improves the functioning of the digestive system, has a beneficial effect on the liver – in addition to these valuable properties of nettle, one of the most important is also the improvement of hair condition.

NettleNourishes hair follicles, adds strength, protects hair and inhibits its loss. Applied regularly, nettle for hair will also make it undergo a comprehensive revitalization, becoming thicker, less susceptible to damage, shinier, nicer and healthier looking.

Nettle is also a golden recipe for hair growth, so it is worth using in case of thin and thinning hair. It will also help people who find it difficult to “grow” every centimeter of hair.

There are many ways to use this plant for hair regeneration and the most popular are nettle capsules and tablets. They are convenient and effective and often enriched with other hair-enhancing ingredients. Homemade cosmetics with nettle are also worth a try – nettle rinses, masks and rubs prepared from dried nettle.

Nettle in tablets is a popular remedy for weak hair:

1. Nettle Herbs in Tablets

pokrzywa 300x300 1Nettle HerbsinTabletsNettle from the line of Nettle Herbs in Tablets from Colfarm is one of the cheapest products containing nettle extract. For a pack of 30 pieces we will pay about 3 €. This is very little, but we have to take into account the fact that the recommended daily dosage is 3 tablets. Nettle Herbs in Tablets is a preparation that promotes nutrition, strengthening and faster hair growth. It is a single-ingredient supplement, in which, apart from nettle extract, you will not find vitamins or other substances improving the condition of hair. Nevertheless, it is a worthwhile remedy, especially for minor hair problems, such as seasonal hair weakness.

2. yeast with nettle Herbapol

drozdze z pokrzywa 238x300 1Yeast with NettleHerbapol” width=”122″ height=”154″ />Yeast with Nettle from Herbapol tempts with a favorable ratio between the number of capsules and the price of the preparation. A pack containing 120 pieces is available for about 6 €. Daily we take a few capsules spread over 3 doses. Both yeast and nettle have a very positive effect on hair, strengthening and stimulating its growth. However, this preparation also has several other applications, among others, it is recommended in states of body weakness, joint, muscle and bone ailments, anaemia, weak immunity, impaired condition of nails and skin.

3 Horsetail + Nettle Forte BigGarden

skrzyp pokrzywa forte packshot NEW2 300x300 1Horsetail+ Nettle Forte BigGarden” width=”133″ height=”133″ />Horsetail + Nettle Forte BigGarden is another noteworthy preparation regenerating, strengthening and accelerating hair growth at a very affordable price. For a pack of 100 tablets you will spend about 7 €. The supplement is based on two plant extracts – from horsetail and nettle. Fibre and a number of valuable vitamins have also been added to its composition.

4. nettle Solgar

500x500pokrzywa solgar 300x300 1NettleSolgar” width=”133″ height=”133″ />Nettle by Solgar is a highly concentrated extract from nettle leaves. The formula is suitable for those with weak, loss-prone, damaged, thin, slow-growing and lifeless hair. It is a single-ingredient supplement, for which we will pay about 30 u. In one package you will find 60 capsules, and it is enough for a month of treatment.

5. Profolan

ProfolanProfolan is a typical preparation for special tasks. It works much stronger than most hair supplements. It contains nettle extract, but it is worth noting that in this case the action of this plant is multiplied, because it occurs in cooperation with field horsetail and L-cysteine creating a unique and effective formula Grow3.

In Profolane, you will also find taurine, biotin, copper, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin B6, thiamine, vitamin E – that is, all the ingredients your hair needs to recover in sufficiently large doses. Profolan costs about 30 €, but it is worth its price because of its very intensive action in inhibiting hair loss and stimulating hair growth. It is one of the few supplements that can stop or even partially reverse the balding process.

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