Ranking of preparations for baldness

Have you just noticed that you have started to go bald? Or maybe you have been observing gradual hair loss for some time and are trying to find an effective antidote? Today, the market for male pattern baldness supplements is almost bursting at the seams. It is not easy to reach all of them on your own, analyse the contents and choose the best one in terms of its composition and most effective action. Thanks to the ranking prepared by us, you do not have to browse the pages in search of an optimal preparation. Read the summary below, see which products have received the best marks and why.

How was our ranking created?

The ranking was created on the basis of a detailed analysis of the composition and mechanism of action of individual ingredients, as well as on the basis of opinions of people who tested individual formulations. Starting from the first place, we present products with the most complete, advanced and well-thought-out formulas. A significant role is also played by the doses of particular active substances, which are only present in a few products at appropriately high levels. We have put those at the top of our list.

No. 1 – Profolan

profolan best product for baldness

The composition of Profolan consists of 11 active substances, and all of them are present in exceptionally high doses, guaranteeing a strong bioactive effect. Treatment with Profolan is the best way to stop androgenic alopecia at home, without having to spend thousands of euros on treatments in aesthetic medicine offices.

Safe for the body, composed of plant extracts, amino acids, minerals and vitamins, Profolan does not have any adverse effects, which cannot be said about preparations based on a strong chemical compound called finasteride.

The power of Profolan results from the combination of the right ingredients, which acting on hair structures prevent shrinking and dying of hair follicles, inhibit baldness and lead to the accumulation of new hair cells and as a result – appearance of new hair.

Thanks to the unique formula Grow3 used in Profolan (combination of L-cysteine with the extract of field horsetail and nettle), the preparation reaches the very cause of androgenic alopecia and minimizes the harmful effects of DHT on hair follicles. As a result, they become more durable and resistant.

Profolan does not contain any extracts from exotic medicinal plants with not entirely clear and unproven effects. Instead, it relies on herbs found in every professional herbalist’s handbook – field horsetail and common nettle. Both of these plants have for years been recognised as the best remedy for weak, falling, slow-growing and thin hair. These two invaluable herbs supply hair with easily absorbable silicon, which is the main link in the process of strengthening hair and prolonging its growth phase.

In a daily dose of Profolan, you can find as much as 400 mg of field horsetail extract and 100 mg of common nettle extract, which is exactly enough to “saturate” your hair and effectively counteract androgenic alopecia which is difficult to stop.

In contrast to liquids, shampoos and other topical preparations, Profolan works from the inside, which is where all life processes begin, including the construction of hair structures.

Regular use of Profolan supplies the body with all the substances, the growing deficiencies of which caused the beginning of the balding process. Silicon, L-cysteine, taurine, biotin, copper, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin E – has your diet so far been rich in these substances? Certainly not, the effects of which you can see now in the form of hair bends, balding top of the head and thinning hair in general. Profolan is a way to replenish the missing substances, and their high concentration in the formula is a guarantee of more intensive results.

Here are the most important ingredients of Profolan:

  • Extracts of field horsetail and common nettle (400 mg and 100 mg in the daily dose) – thanks to the content of easily absorbable silica, mineral salts, vitamins, organic acids, strengthen hair follicles and bulbs, prevent shortening of the hair growth phase, stimulate hair growth, actively support the hair regeneration process.
  • Taurine and L-cysteine (200 mg and 100 mg in the daily dose) – two sulphur amino acids, which “guard” the proper functioning of hair bulbs and cells. Their effect is multiplied when they occur simultaneously in a given preparation. They prevent damage and premature death of hair bulbs, protect hair, improve its resistance, stimulate hair growth.
  • Zinc – its content in a daily dose of Profolan is 15 mg which is 150% of the daily demand. This element is particularly important for hair health as it participates in the process of synthesis of hair building proteins.

Moreover, thanks to the high content of biotin and other B vitamins, vitamin A, E and copper in Profolan, hair receives an additional shot of vitality and immunity and is activated for regeneration and growth.

To buy Profolan you do not have to run through pharmacies, you order it on manufacturer’s websiteand after about 2 days your package will be delivered to you. Remember that you can save a lot of money when buying in a package. We advise you not to buy the product on the Internet auctions, where counterfeits are often sold.


No. 2 – Follixin

Follixin hair loss treatment

The preparation is recommended for men struggling with the first symptoms of androgenic alopecia as well as for people going gray and complaining about weak, falling, unhealthy hair.

Follixin is based on protein components, it is also enriched with plant, vitamin and mineral components. Its main active substance is a hydrolysate of collagen proteins, which are a driving force for the proliferation of new cells, thus promoting reconstruction and hair growth. The product also contains: extracts of field horsetail and nettle, vitamin E, zinc, B vitamins, copper, L-cysteine.

Here is how Follixin works:

  • strengthens hair, reduces further hair loss;
  • protects hair bulbs and follicles;
  • makes hair healthier and better nourished;
  • prevents greying and scalp diseases.


No 3 – Hairvity Men

hairvity men 60 caps

Hairvity Men is a preparation intended for men. Its purpose is to simultaneously strengthen and nourish hair and improve the condition of the scalp. The Hairvity Men capsules are characterised by a rich content, in which the Nutri-Amino Complex formula consisting of three amino acids (leucine, methionine and cysteine) predominates. The composition of the preparation is supplemented with organic sulphur, hyaluronic acid, a set of vitamins and minerals (biotin, vitamin E, zinc, selenium, copper) and extracts from exotic plants that strengthen hair and support its revitalization – sabal palm and vitania sluggard (Ashwagandhy).

Hairvity Men capsules provide comprehensive help for various ailments related to hair and scalp in men. They help damaged and unhealthy hair regain its nice, shiny look, make hair thicker, denser. In addition, they contribute to the strengthening of hair bulbs and follicles and have a beneficial effect on hair growth.

No. 4 – Solgar Hair, Skin, Nails

solgar formula hair skin nails 60 tablets

Solgar Hair, Skin and Nails capsules are designed to prevent excessive hair loss and to accelerate hair growth. The preparation supports weakened hair by providing them with ingredients necessary for proper hair growth. Simultaneously it takes care of the skin and nails, nourishing and regenerating them. Ingredients of the preparation stimulate synthesis of collagen and keratin – the building material of hair, skin and nails. Moreover, they strengthen and make hair more resilient, preventing its loss.

The composition of Solgar Hair, Skin, Nails capsules includes:

  • MSM organic sulfur
  • L-lysine and L-proline
  • zinc
  • vitamin C
  • Silica from red algae
  • copper

No. 5 – DX2 tablets

dx2 hair strengthening capsules for men 30 capsules

Dietary supplement for men in the initial stage of androgenetic alopecia (with symptoms of slight hair thinning and slight curves). For better effects, it is recommended to use a topical treatment with DX2 shampoo.

DX2 is a vitamin and mineral supplemented with amino acid L-cysteine, which is important for hair health. When taken regularly, it strengthens weakened hair and stimulates their growth. Thanks to silicon content hair bulbs become more resistant and hair fall out less. DX2 capsules have a rich composition (field horsetail extract, zinc, iron, iodine, selenium, B group vitamins, vitamin A, E, C, L-cysteine), but doses of particular elements are not so high to fight more advanced symptoms of androgenic alopecia. Nevertheless, it is a good (and inexpensive) remedy for gentlemen who have noticed a slight thinning of their hair or those who are not yet balding, but want to prevent this process in the future.

No. 6 – Dermena Complex

dermena complex dietary supplement 60 caps

Dermena Complex is a product that helps to regain strength and healthy vitality to weakened hair, hair that is prone to hair loss and hair that is in an abnormal condition. Similarly as DX2 dietary supplement, it can delay the process of balding or slightly inhibit its progress when it is still at a low stage. An interesting component of Dermena Complex capsules, rarely found in similar preparations, is an extract from flax seeds. This and other components of the preparation (i.a. field horsetail extract, B group vitamins, vitamin E, biotin, zinc, selenium) support hair reconstruction, support its immunity, protect it against loss and stimulate its growth.

No. 7 – Loxon 2%

loxon 2

Loxon 2% is, in contrast to the above preparations, an agent for external use. Its purpose is to strengthen hair follicles and reverse the process of their decline and atrophy. The active substance of Loxon 2% is minoxidil. Rubbing the preparation into the scalp increases blood circulation within the scalp, which in turn stimulates the hair follicles. Motivated to work, they stop miniaturizing and as a result the hair stops falling out prematurely. Loxon 2% inhibits hair loss after prolonged use, although the best results come from using it together with a good dietary supplement for hair loss.

What should a good baldness remedy have?

Antidote for baldness exists, you just need to choose a preparation adequate to the real needs of your body. Especially in a situation when the process of hair loss is in the early or medium advanced stage, it can be stopped without the need for treatments at aesthetic medicine clinics, but only with the help of oral preparations (possibly supporting the treatment with a preparation for external use).

The extensive market of dietary supplements for baldness convinces us that individual products can differ dramatically from each other in terms of content and strength of action. Often the only strong point of popular specifications is a strong advertising campaign. In fact, their composition is very weak compared to the composition of lesser-known preparations. The most important issue is to analyze the content and mode of action of individual active substances in a given product. This knowledge can be the foundation of an effective treatment against androgenic alopecia.

An effective preparation for hair loss and hair growth in men is the one, which

  • contains a composition of many active ingredients, which together lead to the restoration of hair and stop the balding process;
  • contains a large dose of medicinal plant extracts, abundant in components required by hair;
  • contains large doses of beneficial vitamin, mineral and amino acid components simultaneously;
  • is composed of natural ingredients which are needed by the body for the proper synthesis of hair proteins and strengthening of hair bulbs and follicles
  • Does not contain dangerous chemical compounds that may have adverse side effects and whose action is strong but temporary.

How do the best preparations for baldness work?

A good preparation for male pattern baldness should fulfil two tasks: firstly, it should counteract weakening and miniaturisation of hair follicles by DHT hormone, secondly, it should provide follicles, hair bulbs and hair matrix with a set of components activating intensive hair growth. For these purposes, both minerals, including zinc and silicon, and sulfur amino acids, such as L-cysteine, and vitamins, including biotin, are needed. The effect of the interaction of these elements is:

  • strengthening of hair follicles and blocking their premature disappearance;
  • prolonging hair growth phase;
  • activation of the process of new hair cells proliferation;
  • stimulation of hair reconstruction process;
  • increasing the strength and density of hair.

What to do to make the treatment effective?

Treatment against androgenic alopecia is not short, so it is worth to be patient and not get discouraged if the observed effects do not appear after a week or two. In order to start hair regeneration processes and stop hair loss the body needs several weeks and another few weeks to start producing a network of new hair. A three-month treatment is the minimum. However, for optimal results it is advisable to follow a long-term maintenance treatment. It is also worth to immediately reach for a maximally developed, good quality product instead of investing in half-measures, which, although they cost less, are also much less effective and thus not an economical solution.

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