Ranking of eyelash conditioners 2020, check which one is the best!

Eyelash conditioners are an increasingly sought after product on the cosmetics map. No wonder, since it is the simplest and easiest way to add depth to the look, and beauty and charm to the eyes. Through concentrated substances a good conditioner for eyelashes intensively regenerates and stimulates their growth. As there are many eyelash care products on the market today, before we reach for a specific product, it is worth seeing which of them have the highest quality and effectiveness, and which are most popular among women. This is why we created our eyelash conditioner ranking.

Eyelash conditioner ranking – leading products on the market

Do you want to nourish and strengthen your eyelashes, add length and volume and ensure intensive colour? You can do it, deciding on a treatment with an appropriate product. Below you will find a ranking of the most interesting conditioners for eyelashes on the market, where the following criteria were taken into account:

  • composition and mode of action of the preparation;
  • scope of action;
  • price to quality ratio;
  • speed of action;
  • method of application;
  • opinions about the product.

No. 1 – EleverLash

EleverLash best eyelash conditioner

EleverLash – product description

EleverLash is the clear winner in our eyelash conditioner ranking. The product is far ahead of competing specifications, due to the fact that it has been created on the basis of a completely new technology, thanks to which the active substances have a chance to get into the deeper structures of hair, and then revitalize and strengthen the eyelashes at their very source. EleverLash works effectively and quickly, already in the second week of using the product you will notice improvement in the appearance and condition of eyelashes. As you use it, eyelashes gain more and more in length, thickness and density.

The secret of EleverLash effectiveness is a unique combination of high quality ingredients that reach directly to eyelash roots. An ultra-precise brush for applying the product also plays a significant role. Conditioner “works” not only on the surface of eyelashes, but also where their growth has just started. Thanks to its advanced formula the product has multiple effects:

  • it stimulates the multiplication of new eyelashes, making them much thicker;
  • nourishes and regenerates eyelashes;
  • makes eyelashes stronger and more resistant to external factors (such as mascara and other cosmetics);
  • actively supports the regeneration of weakened and damaged eyelashes (for example after sticking false eyelashes or long term use of waterproof mascaras);
  • accelerates growth of eyelashes, makes them longer and more curly;
  • thickens and darkens eyelashes.

Eyelash conditioner EleverLash costs about € 32 (capacity: 3 ml). Initially, we apply it every day, preferably in the evening, after removing makeup. Once the desired effect is achieved, we use the conditioner only 2-3 times a week. It is easy to use: use the brush provided to apply conditioner to the upper eyelid, just above the lash line. Remember to apply the product on dry and clean skin.

The undeniable advantage of the EleverLash eyelash conditioner is professionalism at every stage of production. The cosmetic has undergone a series of laboratory tests, is refined in every detail, so we have a guarantee of effectiveness, quality, durability of results and safety for our eyes and skin.

EleverLash – opinions

Eyelash conditioner EleverLash is a relatively new product on the cosmetics market, but already managed to win over a large group of fans. The most frequently mentioned advantages of the product include efficiency, speed of action and high effectiveness – much higher than in case of other eyelash conditioners.

Users emphasize that EleverLash noticeably thickens, lengthens and thickens eyelashes. It allows you to become the owner of phenomenal lashes without the need of attaching artificial ones or intensive mascara application. According to many people, EleverLash is also an invaluable lifeline for weakened and damaged lashes. It helps regenerate lashes, promotes their regrowth and inhibits their loss.


No. 2 – Miralash

eyelash conditioner Miralash

Miralash – product description

Second place on the podium in the eyelash conditioner ranking is occupied by Miralash. This revolutionary serum was created for women whose eyelashes are weakened or damaged, as well as for ladies who have short, sparse, delicate eyelashes. Miralash contains carefully selected active substances, including valuable plant extracts (e.g. ginseng and nettle). The presence of herbal components, known for their beneficial properties for hair and eyelashes, is a big advantage of Miralash. Formula works efficiently and quickly, and from week to week we become the owners of stronger, longer and bushier eyelashes.

What can we gain by choosing Miralash conditioner? The product fulfils several tasks – provides valuable nutrients to eyelashes, revitalizes them, stimulates intensive growth, and makes them stronger and more resistant to damage and falling out.

A 3 ml package of Miralash eyelash conditioner costs about € 33. The manufacturer recommends that you apply the product every evening, after removing makeup and washing your face. Simply run the brush over the upper eyelid in the lash area. After about 2-3 weeks we will be able to see the first positive results.

Miralash – opinions

Although Miralash is not as popular as some other leading eyelash conditioners, it boasts very good reviews. Users appreciate this product for its high effectiveness, the presence of natural extracts in the composition, easy application and multi-directional action. According to many opinions, Miralash leaves lashes stronger, thicker and longer. As a result of daily use eyelashes gain intense, nice color, shine, look more beautiful and healthier. The product is also appreciated by women who had problems with falling, weak eyelashes. According to them, Miralash contributes to rebuilding eyelashes and inhibited the process of excessive eyelash loss.


No. 3 – Revitalash Advanced

Revitalash Advanced

Revitalash Advanced – product description

The bronze medallist in the eyelash conditioner ranking is Revitalash Advanced. This is a high quality serum, which contains a wide range of active substances, including peptides, lipids, biotin and numerous plant extracts. Thanks to an advanced formula, the serum intensively nourishes eyelashes, stimulates their growth, makes them denser, stronger, prettier and healthier. Conditioner also helps in regeneration of weakened and damaged eyelashes.

An additional advantage of Revitalash Advanced is the possibility of applying the product also on weakened and thinning eyebrows. A disadvantage of the product is a very high price. We will pay about 43 € for a small 1 ml package and 88 € for a standard 3 ml package for eyelash conditioners.

Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner comes with a small brush, which is used to apply the product to the base of the lashes. Remember to apply conditioner only on dry, cleansed skin.

Revitalash Advanced – opinions

Opinions about Revitalash Advanced are mostly favorable. Women consider this conditioner to be one of the best on the market. However, it is often said to be too expensive. Eyelash conditioner users say that €88 for 3 ml is way too much. You can get an equally good conditioner for a much lower price.

No. 4 – Nanolash Eyelash Conditioner

Nanolash Eyelash Conditioner

Nanolash – product description

In the fourth place of the ranking we have a product that, after its appearance on the market, was met with great interest and enthusiasm from women. And although its popularity has waned somewhat, it is still one of the leading products in the category of eyelash conditioners. We are talking about Nanolash – a modern serum, thanks to which you can strengthen and revitalize eyelashes from the roots to the ends. Thanks to Nanolash growing eyelashes become thicker, healthier and stronger in their structure. They increase in volume, gain a nicer appearance and a darker shade, they are also less likely to crumble and fall out.

The makers of Nanolash have taken great care to ensure that the conditioner is eye and skin friendly and does not cause irritation or allergies. The product is applied with the included brush. Apply a small amount on the upper eyelid, just at the base of the lashes. Apply on dry, clean skin. The cost of eyelash conditioner Nanolash is about 33 € (3 ml).

Nanolash – opinions

We can read many positive opinions about Nanolash. Most women are satisfied with the effects, however, they are not as fast as the manufacturer promises (to improve the condition of eyelashes you need to wait for several weeks or months, and not a few days, as we read on the manufacturer’s website). Nevertheless, the effect of increased volume, renewal and strengthening of eyelashes is visible after some time. Only few users did not notice improvement in the condition of eyelashes and are not satisfied with the condition of the conditioner. There are also occasional cases of allergies and eye problems after using this product.

No. 5 – Regenerum Regenerative Serum Eyelash Conditioner

Regenerum Regenerative Serum For Eyelashes

Regenerum – Product Description

Our comprehensive ranking of conditioners for eyelashes does not omit products from a slightly lower price range, so in fifth place we host the Regenerum Regenerative Serum For Eyelashes, which can be purchased for about 7 € (11 ml). Regenerum conditioner simultaneously cares for eyelashes, supports their reconstruction in the case of a weaker structure or damage, accelerates their growth, strengthens and thickens them. Active ingredients of the product include eyebright extract, lipoligopeptides, aloe vera and vitamin E.

Noteworthy is an interesting formula of Regenerative Serum for Eyelashes Regenerum. It is a “two in one”. – At the top of the container we have a serum with a brush and at the bottom – a serum with a brush. The first product is applied on the upper eyelid, at the base of the lashes (after make-up removal and face cleansing). Then, we apply the second preparation, this time on the entire surface of the lashes, using the attached brush. In addition, the second preparation can also be used on eyebrows.

Regenerum – opinions

Regenerum eyelash conditioner has a lot of pros and is generally rated well. Women praise its dual formula, attractive price and quality. According to many opinions, the Regenerum eyelash conditioner strengthens eyelashes, helps to regenerate them. It also improves their aesthetics – as a result of regular use for a long time, they become nicer and denser. However, not all users agree on the level of effectiveness of the product. Some of the women claim that the final effect is weaker than in the case of products from a slightly higher price range.

No. 6 – Eveline 3in1 Advance Volumiere

Eveline 3in1 Advance Volumiere

Eveline 3in1 Advance Volumiere – product description

Eveline offered its clients a concentrated serum for eyelashes which has 3 different functions. Eveline 3in1 Advance Volumiere is supposed to regenerate lashes, activate their growth and serve as a base for mascara. And you get all this for just a few €? Sounds a bit unbelievable. The price is surprisingly low for an advanced serum, which would be a rescue for weak or damaged lashes, which would perform a protective function and which would additionally make us the owners of thick, dark, curled lashes of dizzying length.

In fact, the product works very gently, so do not expect any “coconuts” as to the effect of lengthening or thickening of eyelashes. Eveline 3in1 Advance Volumiere will undoubtedly strengthen our lashes, slightly nourish them and make them more flexible, shiny and pretty. The cosmetic is also perfect as a base for mascara – it will make the mascara easier to apply and better hold, and our lashes will be well separated and without unsightly lumps.

However, if we care about stimulation of natural lash growth, significant increase of their density and deep regeneration, Eveline 3in1 Advance Volumiere may not satisfy us.

The packaging contains 10 ml of the product. How to use the conditioner is quick and easy: use a brush to apply the product on clean lashes. Use as a night serum or mascara base.

Eveline 3in1 Advance Volumiere – opinions

Opinions about Eveline 3in1 Advance Volumiere are divided. The most often mentioned pros of this eyelash conditioner are: preventing lumps and sticking of eyelashes when applying mascara, preventing mascara from crumbling and flaking, increasing the longevity of eye makeup, slight thickening of eyelashes, nicer appearance of lashes both after applying mascara and without, low price. The main disadvantages of the conditioner are: lack of effect of lengthening and thickening of eyelashes, quite poor conditioning, nourishing and strengthening properties, white color.

No. 7 – Joanna Multilashes Serum Stimulating Eyelash Growth

Joanna Multilashes Serum Stimulating Eyelash Growth

Joanna Multilashes Serum Stimulating Eyelash Growth – product description

The ranking of conditioners for eyelashes closes with a product from our home, thriving cosmetic company Joanna. We are talking about the product Joanna Multilashes Serum Stimulating Eyelash Growth. Specification is available in a small, handy packaging with a capacity of 4 ml. It is equipped with a convenient to use brush to apply conditioner (the product is applied on the upper eyelid, at the base of the lashes, after cleansing the skin). Price of the cosmetic is about 8 €.

Joanna Multilashes Serum Stimulating Eyelash Growth is a conditioner recommended for people who have short, sparse and expressionless eyelashes by nature, as well as those whose eyelashes have suffered from eyelash thickening or other styling treatments. The manufacturer promises that with regular use, our lashes will be strengthened and revitalized, they will become denser, longer and gain a deep, dark shade. A set of active substances, including silk proteins and bimatoprost, is responsible for the action of Multilashes conditioner.

Joanna Multilashes Serum Eyelash Growth Stimulant – opinions

Eyelash conditioner Joanna enjoys good reviews. It is recommended mainly by people who reached for it in order to regenerate lashes damaged by lengthening and thickening. After several weeks of use, they managed to strengthen lashes and restore their former appearance. As for the thickening of eyelashes by this conditioner itself, opinions vary. Some women notice a difference, but others unfortunately do not. However, the consensus is on the nourishing effect of the eyelashes.

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