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Loxon 2 – opinions, effects, side effects, price… All about the top liquid for baldness

Loxon 2% is a popular scalp rub for people suffering from androgenetic alopecia. Its task is to improve the condition of hair follicles and inhibit the process of hair loss. Is it worth to reach for Loxon 2 and what to do to maximize its effects?

Loxon 2 composition

loxon 2

Loxon 2% is a good solution for men who have noticed symptoms of androgenic alopecia and who are looking for a good preparation for external use to inhibit the process of hair loss. For the action of Loxon is responsible minoxidil – an organic chemical compound, which leads to widening of blood vessels. As a result of applying the preparation with minoxidil on the scalp, blood supply to the scalp increases, hair follicles are stimulated and their work and endurance are improved.

Loxon 2 effects

Minoksydyl is not a fast-acting substance. Therefore, you need to be patient when using Loxon 2%. For the first effects you usually wait a few weeks, sometimes about two months. Gradually, the miniaturization of hair follicles stops, hair slowly stops falling out, and in many cases partial recovery of hair takes place. In places where thinning occurred new hair begins to grow back (after about 4 months).

Loxon 2 side effects

Men looking for effective preparations for baldness often ask about possible side effects. Loxon 2, like most products based on strong chemical compounds, is not free from them. Admittedly, not all men experience side effects associated with the use of this liquid, but they are quite common.

Commonly observed side effects of Loxon 2 include: redness, burning, itching, irritation and dryness of the scalp. Hives, flaking of the skin, swelling on the face may occur, and facial hair may also appear in women. Some people also complain about another side effect after Loxon, namely the deterioration of hair condition. It can become dry, rough, dull, lacking in vitality and resistant to styling.

Loxon 2 – men’s opinions

From the opinions about Loxon 2% one thing can be deduced – on some men this preparation works, on others it does not. What does the success of the treatment depend on? Probably on individual conditions of the body, skin reaction to minoxidil, intensity and cause of baldness, as well as on whether at the same time you take an appropriate dietary supplement strengthening hair and preventing it from falling out (we recommend our ranking of preparations for baldness). Loxon 2, according to most opinions of men in the initial phase of baldness, fulfills its task – it partially or completely inhibits the process of hair loss, and after some time it even causes hair thickening. However, some of the men could not continue the therapy due to persistent side effects.

However, among men in a more advanced stage of alopecia, opinions about Loxon 2% are already a bit harsher. Many of them say that the preparation works on average. It slightly slows down the process of hair loss and although it causes them to grow back, the hair is weak, thin and falls out quickly anyway. There are also men in whom Loxon 2 did not work at all.

Loxon 2 price

The price of Loxon 2 oscillates around 7 €. The cost is therefore not too high, especially that the product is quite efficient. The package has 60 ml and lasts for about a month (according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, Loxon should be applied 1 ml twice a day spreading the product over the scalp).

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Shampoo or dietary supplement?

Many people who want to get rid of gray hair choose hair loss pills that work from the inside out, hitting the source of the problem. Hair loss pills help regulate body processes and reduce nutritional deficiencies that are responsible for the accelerated balding process. An example of such a product is Profolan.


How does Profolan work?

  • Inhibits male pattern androgenetic alopecia;
  • Blocks the action of DHT;
  • Strengthens hair follicles;
  • Accelerates hair growth in the corners and on top of the head
  • Works without side effects – even during a long treatment!

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